Brock Bennett made a fairly strong impression in the 125cc and Schoolboy 1 classes last year, especially on the West Coast scene. The Californian snagged overall podium results at both the California Classic and Mammoth Motocross in his home state, taking 3rd place in the 125 B/C class and 2nd place in the FMF Two-Stroke class, respectively. Bennett had some solid performances at his Loretta Lynn Qualifiers throughout the year which gave him some confidence when he showed up at the Ranch in August. He showed both speed and consistency from Tuesday to Saturday as he finished both classes inside the top ten in addition to an incredibly impressive ride in the third Schoolboy 1 moto, finishing in 2nd position. Bennett’s best overall score was a 7th position in the Schoolboy 1 class, but he undoubtedly had the speed to contest for the podium as he demonstrated. Bennett has graduated to the B class for 2020 and it didn’t take him long to find his form on the slightly bigger bike, winning motos at a Road to Mammoth Qualifier back in March as well as one of the recent Loretta Lynn’s Qualifiers in Utah. He earned his ticket to Hurricane Mills with two 1st place finishes in the 250 B Limited and 450 B Limited classes, establishing himself as one of the main contenders for the titles this year.


What did you do during the few months that there was no racing happening with the coronavirus lockdown in effect?

During the coronavirus lockdown, I really focused on road biking. It is something I enjoy and with all the tracks shut down I had more time to ride my road bike.

Did you take some time off of riding when racing was initially canceled and postponed back in March?

I did take a week or two off riding when racing was initially canceled just trying to figure out what the coronavirus shut down was all about at first. I think everyone was waiting to see how serious it all was. Once things settled down a little I started riding a little at a local private track at a spot we have in the desert. I did not get to train down at the Southern California tracks with J Whipple at all. I stuck close to home.

What sort of hobbies do you have outside of motocross?

Outside of riding motocross I like to golf some. It is something I have taken up in the past year and really like. I also do my road biking and of course, play Xbox.

Take us through Mammoth Motocross last year and talk about how the racing went there for you.

Mammoth was fairly good. It is honestly my favorite race of the year. It is more of a kickback race and the track is really fun. My whole family comes to support me and I like having them all there. It was my first year at Mammoth for big bikes. I got a moto win in the FMF 2 Stroke Challenge and ended up with 2nd overall. I walked away with a 4th overall in 125 B/C. Schoolboy results were not that great. I got tangled up with another rider which cost me a top ten spot.


What was the week of racing like at Loretta Lynn’s last year from your perspective?

Loretta Lynn’s last year was a roller coaster. There were good motos and some not so good motos, but overall I’m gonna say it went okay. My fitness was really good and we all know that is a huge plus. Through the ups and downs, I put everything together on my last moto. I got a holeshot and led about half the race, ended up with a 2nd in the race. Got a 7th in 125 B/C and 9th in Schoolboy 1.

At the beginning of 2020, you were racing in the 125cc and Schoolboy 1 classes but you decided to make the switch to the B class recently. What prompted that?

I know at the beginning of this year we were focused on and planning on racing the 125. I had every intention of racing 125 B/C and Schoolboy 1 again at all the nationals. But we bought a 250F and I was a lot happier and comfortable on the four-stroke.

How has the transition to the 250 been for you and how are you getting on with the four-stroke?

The first couple of weeks on my 250F were a little rough. I had to completely change my riding style. Once I stopped riding it like it was a 125 I found my flow and now am pushing myself to full potential.

What was the feeling like to finally be back on the gate at the Deseret Peak Regional after so much time off from racing?

Being on the gate and racing again at Deseret Peak felt good. It was a relief that we were all back at it and that Loretta’s was a go. Now the weather was crazy bad, thirty to forty mph winds, rain, and hail during our races. I fortunately ended up winning both the 250 and 450 Limited classes, but it was not easy in those conditions. I kept telling myself to stay calm and ride smart and it paid off.


What did you think of the Super Regional format?

The Super Regionals I feel were pretty much the same as any Regional in the past. I know we skipped the area qualifying but once we go to Regionals I still had to take a top-four position to make it to Loretta’s. So in my opinion other than all the waiting and wondering how we would qualify or if there would even be a Loretta Lynn’s this year, the Regional was the same as in the past.

What’s your mindset like heading to Loretta Lynn’s this season?

My mindset for Loretta Lynn’s this year is trying to stay positive and start where I left off last year. More holeshots and finishing out front.