Agustin Barreneche was building momentum last year in the leadup to the Loretta Lynn Amateur National Motocross Championship in August, but an unfortunate crash at the beginning of the week left him with his arm in a sling. The Colombian native took the necessary time to heal up and recover his fitness before returning to the gate at Mini Os where he competed in the 85cc classes in both supercross and motocross, quickly returning to form. It didn’t take Barreneche long to rediscover his speed as he finished inside the top five overall in the 85cc (12-13) Limited class in both supercross and motocross, realigning his momentum in a positive direction heading into 2020. He won a couple of titles at Supercross Futures in Tampa and earned a few more impressive top-ten finishes in highly competitive classes at the Daytona RCSX and Spring A Ding Ding. Barreneche stayed busy throughout the coronavirus lockdown at Millsaps Training Facility, staying on course in terms of his preparation on and off the bike. He was more than ready for the return to racing and it showed in his results as he finished in a qualifying position in both of the Mini Sr. classes at the Baja Acres Super Regional, securing his spot on the gate at the upcoming Loretta Lynn National. We caught up with Agustin to talk about his dream of leaving Colombia to pursue a motocross career in the United States and much more.


What did you do during the few months that there was no racing happening with the coronavirus lockdown in effect?

I didn’t stop training, we took precautions from the coronavirus and started training like a race.

What was your training situation like the last couple of months during the quarantine at MTF?

Long motos, bicycle, turns, ruts, bike skills, eating better, and a bunch of things.

What do you like to do for fun and entertainment outside of motocross?

(During) this quarantine I started to like fishing a lot so after long days riding I go fishing in the pond and I really like cooking with my family.

When did you decide you wanted to leave your home country of Colombia to come race in the United States?

I have always admired the motocross of the United States. It was a dream I had to come for small periods of time to participate in races. In 2019, I begged my dad that I wanted to stay full time. I miss Colombia but here is what I’m passionate about.


Do you regularly visit your home country and how recently have you raced there?

After what happened with the coronavirus, I have not returned to Colombia but last year I went to the nationals for Latin American and Colombia.

Tell us about the Colombian flag that you had last year at Loretta’s with all of the writing on it.

By the idea of a friend, we had a fundraising campaign for participating in Loretta’s; whoever donated, we wrote their name on the flag.

How did Mini Os go for you last year to end the 2019 season?

I broke my clavicle two and a half months before Mini Os and I just had one and a half months to train, so I did the best I could, training every day and also weekends to push all I can. In supercross, I finished 4th overall in 85 Limited and the other classes I crashed and hit my clavicle. I raced but didn’t have the results and then in motocross, I got 4th overall in 85 Limited and 6th overall 85 (9-13). In the olympiad, I got 3rd place overall in 85 Limited.

What was the experience of racing Supercross Futures like for you in Tampa this year?

It was an amazing experience for me because I like supercross and I like the track of Tampa. I was a little scared because it was my first supercross race but I feel everything good in practice, the heat, and main. I won two overalls in the 85 classes and it was my first race in Supermini and I got 6th overall.


How did you prepare for SX Futures at MTF?

We train all week on the supercross pro track and it was amazing but how I say was scary because you’re riding on a real track with real things.

How’d the weekend of racing go from your perspective at Spring A Ding Ding back in March?

What no one knows is that before spring nationals like a week before I crashed and had a bad concussion but I really tried to pass (the concussion test) and I try the best I can to not think about it but was a lot of up and down. I didn’t have the brain on the bike and I got frustrated so I’m happy that I finish and don’t give up.

What did you think of the track layout at Underground MX?

I really like the track! It was smooth, good grip, fun and big jumps. It was good, it was my first time over there and I like it!

What was it like to finally be back at both Silver Dollar and Baja after so much time off of racing?

I said okay, finally racing so I get my brain on the tracks and to be focused like I normally do it, so I said let’s get it!

How did the Loretta’s Super Regional go for you at Baja Acres?

It was good, feel good in practice and races I feel good on the track. It was getting bad but we still do it and finish with two 4th place overalls!

What is your mindset heading to the Ranch this season?

I’m thinking that I’m going for everything, go big or go home! I’m doing the best in my brain!