Jordan Renfro ended the 2019 racing season with some solid results across the board, finishing 6th overall in the 85cc (10-12) Limited class at Loretta’s before capping off the year with a handful of top-five finishes at Mini Os. The Georgia native made the move up to the Mini Sr and Supermini classes for the 2020 season and he’s immediately made his mark, achieving impressive finishes at many of the races he’s contested up to this point. Renfro bagged a 5th place in the Supermini Futures class at Raymond James Stadium in February and he knocked on the door of the top five at the Daytona RCSX in March. He put his nose to the grindstone down at Georgia Practice Facility throughout the lockdown and after a multi-month hiatus from racing, Renfro returned to the gate with some serious speed on his side. After finishing on the overall podium in all four of his classes at the Muddy Creek Loretta Lynn’s Regional, he’s now faced with the decision of which two classes he wants to race at the Ranch. Nonetheless, Renfro is ready to “ride the wheels off” whichever bike he ends up on in Hurricane Mills this year.


What did you do during the few months that there was no racing happening with the coronavirus lockdown in effect?

I was able to get out on the lake some and do some wakeboarding and also been working on my golf game. I’ve been getting pretty consistent shooting in the 90s and even got in the upper 80s a few times. Both of those kept me active and in good shape. I was also able to train some.

What was your riding situation like the last couple of months during the quarantine?

I train at GPF in Cairo with my coach Josh Woods and we took a couple of days off for them to get a plan so I could get my seat time and still be able to social distance. We cut back to three days a week on the bike and pounded a ton of motos out. It was a good balance and we made it work.

What do you like to do for fun and entertainment outside of motocross?

Golf, wakeboarding, hanging out with friends and family.

Take us through your three motos last year in the 85cc (10-12) Limited class at Loretta’s where you finished 6th place overall.

Coming off a 3rd at Loretta’s in the (9-11) class in 2018 and really not riding well, I had set big expectations for myself in 2019 as I won all six motos at my Regional at Freestone by quite a gap and I was riding well. I’m sure a lot of riders would be pumped for a 6th but I was very disappointed in myself - bad starts and I could not stay off the ground, every moto. I think one moto I fell four times and got frustrated and just wanted to leave healthy. I always feel blessed just to be a part of the best forty-two in the Nation but I also have high expectations of myself when I get there.


How did Supercross Futures go for you at the beginning of the season in Tampa?

I think I had a couple of top-five finishes in Mini Sr and Supermini and it was really cool to do it on that platform in a stadium. The track was sick and I would say it was better than the couple times I did the Arenacross series and went to Vegas to race.

What was the experience of racing SX Futures like for you?

I trained on the SX track at GPF for about a week and just getting to see that much of a technical track is very cool. The jumps were bigger than I trained on but after a couple of laps, I got my rhythms down and felt good. I was hoping to go to the National Championship in Vegas and race in front of the crowd but COVID-19 shut that down.

What was your weekend of racing like at the Daytona RCSX back in March?

Always a good time in Daytona but I cooked a clutch every moto and neither bike ran well at all but with all we dealt with I still had decent finishes, it’s just not where I should have been.

How has it been for you splitting time between the Mini Sr and Supermini classes this year?

The two bikes are so different and I never practice on the Mini Sr bikes but practicing on a stock 105 big wheel is what has made me push the 85 mod bike harder. I enjoy both bikes but love my national supermini and right now it’s on point!


What was it like to finally be back on the gate a couple of weekends ago at Muddy Creek for the Southeast Youth Regional?

I always look forward to racing the Southeast Regionals, I think some riders avoid it because they are always stacked gates but I want to always race the fastest riders I can. Josh Woods had me as ready to race as I think I have ever been, My confidence was good, I was healthy, and my bikes were good. I felt going in if I could get some starts I could run out front.

How did the racing go for you there?

I finished 2nd in Supermini 1, 2nd in Supermini 2, 2nd in Mini Sr 1, and 3rd in Mini Sr 2. I really got two decent starts all week - the last moto of Mini Sr, I got into 2nd behind Logan and passed into the lead on the second lap and won that moto. In the last moto of Supermini, I got out in 4th and went to the lead on the first lap and led four or five laps, running my best lap times of the week. I really thought I could hold (Evan) Ferry off and actually had the fastest lap time that moto but made some mistakes and let him get to my rear tire and he made a good pass on me, I paced with him for a lap and then got on the gas a bit too much in the first corner and slid out coming out of that corner. I had to get it up and going and finished 2nd. I think out of the twelve motos I ran, I had the fastest lap in four or five motos

What do you think about the Super Regional format this year? be honest, I could have cared less as long as we were racing. I thought it went well with the added extra laps but when you are riding four classes and there are twelve motos, it doesn’t give you but a few minutes between races. For my parent’s money, I hope it stays with Super Regionals.

Do you have any goals and expectations set for yourself going to Loretta Lynn’s this year and which classes are you planning on contesting?

I think we found the issues with my bikes and my starts so if I can get decent starts, I have no doubt I can run with anyone. My biggest strength is I’m a pretty strong person and can ride a thirty-minute moto with no issues and the rougher the track gets the more I like it. I won’t lose much time on a rough track vs a smooth track. Not sure which classes I will go to Loretta’s this year in, but whichever ones we choose I’m gonna ride the wheels off them, see you there!

Have you thought about your plans for the end of the season heading into 2021 and what classes you’ll be racing?

I’m focused on Loretta’s and I just want to earn my way into a ride. I was hurt a lot in late 2016-2017 and may have missed out on some support me and my family needed and that’s where I want to be. I’ve never had the best bikes or tons of money to build them but my parents have always got me the best they can and the few people that have stood with me through the past five or six years and believed in me -  it would be nice to somehow repay them and let them know how much I appreciate all they do. I’m already riding a 125 and feel good on it so who knows I may ride 85s, superminis, and 125s next year. I will just have to wait and see.