- #5- 450SX -
Malcolm Stewart

All hail the king, Eli Tomac; as he stormed through the last round of racing action with a championship prowess, that absolutely couldn’t be blanketed. His poise was emphatic, rolling around the floor of this particular Utah Stadium with an authoritarian vibe like few had ever seen before. And once the day began, he knew that things would fall in his favor; especially, after putting a myriad of absolutely blistering times down in practice. Few could even rationalize as to what he was creating; an artist, spewing race fuel and tire track all over this canvas, with oodles of riders aspiring to overtake him. He stood tall against the wind, actually providing quite the force himself; dictating as to where other competitors would go, and whom they specifically shot for. Again, it would continue into heat-racing implications, despite starting the race in a dismal tenth place. He knew he had to fight, clawing through traffic while undergoing a barrage of both roost and exhaust fume. He stayed vigilant, putting the Kawasaki into fifth, just behind Justin Barcia on lap six. He still wasn’t satisfied, yearning for more as the checkered flag crept closer and closer. Garnering a reputable third by the time the race ended, the main event would then loom just around the corner. Beginning this specific bout in third as well, quick work was then made of Zach Osborne; as Tomac knew, the force known as Cooper Webb, had serious implications of running away with the lead. Eli was having nothing of the sort, attempting to run Cooper down, in high-tailing fashion. Pounding the Kawasaki chassis into this Utah soil, you could sense that Tomac was preparing to strike. The first move of sorts, would occur just around the twelve minute mark; where Eli absolutely decimated the whoop section up the inside, and navigated his way into the lead. Yet Webb, wasn’t going down without a fight; ravaging the KTM 450 with absolute reckless abandon. Tomac at this point, would begin to hit a serious patch of lap traffic; his lap-times slowing down, to an absolutely absurd degree. Webb all the while, was capitalizing; initiating his passing sequence (as they lapped Ken Roczen) on lap nineteen. Making the move stick, Tomac knew that there was no time to waste. The KTM rider was making mistakes, while under the five-minute mark; and Tomac’s veteran-like wit, would come to the forefront of passing conclusion. The door would open, just after the “SX” triple; as these two were on a trail of tenacity, that absolutely no-one else could match. Slamming the door shut at this point in time, Tomac dead-bolted the position per se, throwing away the key; as he stormed to the finish line, taking a well-deserved win.