- #1 - 450SX -

Although a vast array of different circumstances have been presented thus far on the Utah circuit, Zach Osborne distinctively knew that this particular event would be different. A beautiful day on all accounts, the track had been doused with abundant moisture, providing traction in all facets on every particular part of the raceway. And it was as though you could sense his enthusiasm, by merely watching his riding style. Flashy, to the point of even catching other riders attention, made those opposing him yield to some degree. The pure RPM’s of his engine, left many bewildered; and an outlasting effect, for the continuation of qualification. Pulling into the paddock for just a brief portion of time, his mechanic would appear to make a few small adjustments to both front and rear shock. Perhaps adjusting the rebound and stiffness of his fork and shock, to sustain the thrashing in which was about to ensue. And according to sustainability on the overall leaderboard, he would be placed into that of heat race number one. And with the 250F machines actually breaking in the track before him, his capabilities of throwing down numerous other daunting circuits were endless; especially, in the corners that were coined both 180 degrees, and supported with a padding of berm per se. Upshifting before hitting the whoop sections, there were numerous times where his rear-end attempted to fishtail. Though he kept the throttle pinned, keeping the chassis rather straight before diving into the following portion of singles. Chad Reed would be ahead of him, and it was through a tried and true effort, that his riding style was mimicked. Floating around this circuit in the final moments of the roughly eight-lap brigade, he had to make sure he stayed on point; otherwise, one lapse in fortitude could result in a hampering front-end wash, or subsequent disastrous crash. Taking the checkered flag, fifth was then granted to him. For the main event mean while, his starting position was designated third. It would be a backdrop of opportunity, meaning a disadvantage for those who attempted to dethrone him from reverted positions. Feathering the clutch while scurrying around the corner just before the finish line, his motor had no shortness of red-lining. His heart rate appeared to be maxed out too, creating a myriad of deceptive action in order for Malcolm Stewart not to get around, after making the pass in the final laps. He would withstand the charge from the Honda in finality, taking fourth as his lasting placement.