- #4- 250SX -

Looking around the stadium prior to embarking on that of practice, Cameron McAdoo couldn’t help but get the feeling of “Press Day” with an absolutely blank stadium around him. This atmosphere was uncanny, with only the sound of each machine encompassing the likes of the chair backs; rather than a sea of endless banter and applause, erupting in an engulfing manner. Nevertheless, he would still portray his best effort, as soon as the clock would begin for practicing matters. Hitting the whoops on the outside, his run through the moguls would lend him well as he circled back onto the start straight; pledging a gap over other combatants, that many couldn’t overcome. Tripling into the corner just after the start, his aggression aboard the 250F machine was imminent; leaping onto the table-top, in the following lane as well. His suspension would take a cruel beating, as the fenders of both front and rear, had imprints of the tire tread. Luckily, he was able to sustain that type of pounding, prevailing, and moving into the confines of the heat race shortly thereafter. The field had been cut in half, yet his will to succeed had never shined brighter. Once the gate would fall, he immediately barged into turn number one; plowing through the pack of riders, and hoping to come away unscathed. Much would be the case, and as the first few laps would take effect, his machine would be nestled into third. The whereabouts of most of his competitors, would remain irrelevant to him; as he focused on the task at hand, garnering significant lap-times as a result. Collaborating with his mechanic, the plan the two had devised appeared to be ample, in regard to his succession on the result board. Charging to a standing of second, he would aspire to do the same for the likes of the main event. Once here, all bets were on; dashing to the finish line with swift ability, scrubbing with all of his might over every treacherous jump. Michael Mosiman was behind him, and he could sense that he was being stalked, prior to being overtaken. The level of resiliency he displayed at this point in time, was crucial to his stability on the circuit; riding the middle lane of track when necessary, to keep the optimum path of travel blocked. And although his energy levels of both bike and body were beginning to be depleted, he would tap into an extra addition of fuel storage. Powering through troublesome areas of the final lap, fourth place was justified as he crossed the line in style.