- #3 - 250SX -

Digging through the results log of Jett Lawrence, one would be quick to find just how successful he’s been over the vast majority of his career. From the inception of his venture into this particular sport, he would appear at the top of the leaderboard more often than not; regardless, of just how big or small the selected event was. It would be much the case, as he waltzed into the limelight of professionalism; reigning his efforts, for all to see in the likes of respective stadiums and outdoor circuits worldwide. Therefore, he would continue this ideology, for that of Salt Lake City; round five to be exact, as the series has partaken in this respective stadium for a substantial period of time now. Practice meanwhile, was a place where he could let the engine explore it’s respective boundaries; blitzing along the slight dragon’s back adjacent to the start, and onto the accompanying straightaway. Crouching in aerodynamic style, he would do all he could to attain maximum velocity; before hitting the finish line, and landing with an exhale of relaxation. Once knowing he had generated a strong enough time for the heat race, it was there that he and surrounding squad would gather their belongings. Pushing his hole-shot device into the mode of engagement, there was absolutely no lapse of hesitation as he volleyed forward with the throttle; ducking into the first turn, as many others were sliding with little traction as well. He appeared to have the early lead, when Austin Forkner would run him awfully wide, forcing him into a crash that put him near last. Disgusted as a result, Lawrence would put his head down; charging harder than ever. Residing near the sixth position, there were few others on the circuit that would attempt to derail him; hitting the tripling sequence just before the whoops, yet making sure to keep an eye over his shoulder. He didn’t want anyone to infiltrate his respective parameter, and with keen vision for optimal bike placement, his readiness to move forward would help him prevail. Granted with the aforementioned sixth place spot, the main event would be the only race to come. The track had begun to dry out a tad bit, yet there were still grooves ready for his bike to recreate the slalom effect. Especially, in the middle portions of layout. He had riders like Brandon Hartranft just behind him, all the while actually chasing down his brother, Hunter Lawrence. He simply was on rails; moving past his elder and into territory that few others could ever imagine. With only Cameron McAdoo separating he from the podium, Lawrence then made that particular move stick on lap seventeen. Although bittersweet, Jett knew his speed at this point in the season, was most certainly worthy of a third overall.