- #3 - 450SX -

Coming into round five, many in the field knew that time was running out, in regard to just how few races were left in the series. Yet Eli Tomac understood this was a time of attrition and perseverance, looking to outlast all in the field, especially those who weren’t as strong willed. The track looked rather challenging when viewing it from afar, offering up a plethora of flat corners; with absolutely no place to gain traction, for the full duration of the bend. Many of the competitors were faltering throughout time trials, crashing to the ground and being forced to wipe away their sorrows with a swift brushing of the pant leg. But he, would walk away unscathed; hoping to unleash a surplus of tenacity on those who opposed him, and create a ripple effect of sorts that lasted all the way through the main event. The green flag was then cast for the heat race, and at this point in time, he would be situated in third. Veering in a horizontal manner, it was obvious that he could decipher which line would be the best; even if that meant, shutting down the aspirations of Malcolm Stewart. He understood the speed of the twenty-seven machine, and what all the Floridian possessed, yet he brushed away the thought with apparent disregard. Six laps behind the Honda was all he could stand, and proceeded to move past Stewart on lap seven. Ken Roczen, who led at this point in time, was too far out for Tomac to reel-in. Eli was then designated in second, yearning for redemption in the main event. Starting off this quest in seventh, Tomac knew he had to persevere through the crowd and he would do so, rather quickly. Friese, Davalos, and Osborne, were all disposed at his permission; while Malcolm Stewart was rather stingy with his position of third. Eli then made the move around lap ten, where he then chipped away at the likes of both Cooper Webb and Ken Roczen. With rather methodic lines and technique, he attempted to carve out a specific niche while others struggled to find their rhythm. One point to note, was Eli’s ability to stand throughout the left-hander, closest to the starting gate. Never once did he sit down in the midst of rather deep grooves, using his abdomen musculature as a foundation of rigidity; while keeping the power to the ground. And although he hadn’t done enough to finish inside that of the top two, a third place was sufficient, in his overall engagement of the championship.