- #2 - 450SX -

Stationed in Salt Lake for quite sometime now, there was little time of gathering his belongings and having to travel far and wide in order to compete in the sport that he loved. This relative location of racing assembly, did have its “perks” to a degree. And Cooper Webb was thankful enough, to realize the positive attributes in which this Pandemic brought along. One of the first to be loaded on the track for practice, he took a few laps to survey this distinct property; making note, of even the smallest crevices, through the lens of his tinted goggles. The 450 would immediately take part as a powerful locomotive, hoping to blaze a trail that few others could actually replicate. Rigid around this round number five course, Webb sprinted in practice as if his contract depended on it; hitting these man-made berms, nearly on the brink of disaster on multiple occasions. Yet, he stayed on, fighting on a prowess that others just couldn’t seem to understand. It’s the premise that KTM signed him on, and an attribute he’s portrayed thus far in his 450cc career. Now moving into his designated heat race, Webb would begin matters in fifth place; as you could say, at the tail-end of an absolute onslaught of elite competitors. Roczen, Tomac, Stewart, and Anderson were all ahead of him, yet he stilled vied for another position forward, until the checkered flag was cast. Fifth at the stripe, he sought nothing but higher ground as the main event came to light. He would be the first to cast a stone, hitting the green flag and roosting pellets to all those who opposed him. Spraying terrain from the rotation of his rear tire, it would be that of Ken Roczen who continued to plunge forward throughout the cloud of chaos. Webb thought he had him handled, especially with Roczen’s troublesome health concerns that were noted this previous week. Yet Webb, left a slight window of opportunity for the ninety-four, in the left-handed corner by the finish line. Ken would sneak past on the inside, yet Cooper attempted to rebuttal in the following moments as well. But, Roczen’s staying power held true; and Webb was forced to retain second, until the checkered flag would fly. It was an honest and superb effort in all accounts, but you could sense that Cooper wanted more, in the races to come.