- #1- 250SX -

Never one to wince at competition around him, Austin Forkner’s demeanor throughout this particular Sunday in the destination of Salt Lake City, was one of serious business matter; and a stoic facial expression, for all to see. Although friendly on all accounts, he was here to garner victory, and nothing less. No other “bell and whistle” or extra accolade would suffice, other than the gold medal being draped around his neck, following the conclusion of the fifteen minute tenure. His whereabouts though, would begin in practice, where he was easily found amongst the best in the field. No need for radar, or even binoculars when scouring from afar; as his machine would seem to glisten, with the dwindling sunset fading in the background. Landing off the “SX” triple ready to tackle the next left-handed bend, he would stand up a bit longer than most; his chest over the bars, ready to feather the clutch if need be. Every bit of RPM would be accounted for, especially when flying high throughout the next few rhythm lanes. His fluidity through transitions was something to be accounted for, and would certainly help him succeed in the races to come. Next on the docket, would be the section of the night show where the field were broken into two. Austin Forkner at this point, was immediately cast into carnage per se; running Jett Lawrence wide in the first corner, and putting him to the ground. However, mere moments later, Forkner too would find troublesome times of his own; actually crashing to the ground some dozens of yards away, and being forced to work his way up from the back of the pack. Austin’s ability to weasel his way through the opponents ahead, would lend him well; crafting his way to fourth, as all would conclude with the checkered flag. For the main event though, Forkner’s hard-nosed racing etiquette, once again was brought to light for all too see. The pre-race agenda, would circle and highlight the notion of overtaking Dylan Ferrandis; and Forkner would exemplify all in his power, to muffle the championship desire of his Yamaha counterpart. Lap after lap, Forkner would steadily inch toward the rear wheel of the champion; seeing a viable option of passing, in the 180-degree right handed curve after the finish line. Coming from out of nowhere, Austin would storm into Ferrandis’ peripheral view; crashing into the side, and pushing him off the outskirt of the track! Never looking back to see the damage that had taken place, the fifty-two Kawasaki focused all attention on the finish line. And as the law of attraction would then run its course, as Forkner then was bestowed a win.