- #2- 450SX -
Zach Osborne

Knowing what was at stake at this point in the series, Zach Osborne felt empowered to give his best effort, for this round of action in Salt Lake City. Nearing the end of the route, he understood he had few opportunities left, in regard to garnering significant point accumulation. Yet, rather than wither away in dread and fear, he marched to the starting line for practice; looking to take aim at the top step of the podium, knowing good and well he could set a solid tone for the rest of the evening. His efforts were admirable, where he penetrated the likes of numerous bowl turns with his 450cc machine; pouring on the throttle for as long as possible, and keeping a steadfast way of propulsion. With his mechanic leaning over the barrier, a subtle waving of the towel would indicate how well he was doing. He looked to carry that notion into the heat race, where numerous other foe yearned to deter him. Putting his 450cc machine into motion, he clicked third gear while crossing the starting gate; dashing into the initial bend, with absolute fearlessness. Putting his Husqvarna into fourth early-on, he would encounter a bit of trouble with much of the traffic getting jammed-up. This track had some rather intricate pieces to its design, especially around the finish line area. Osborne, cresting the double-double sequence, would land immediately and veer to the inside. Ripping down the following straightaway, he would attempt to pull away from riders like Aaron Plessinger. Yet, a few mishaps and troublesome areas, pledged him to the eighth place position as all concluded. And although Osborne’s gate pick for the main would be less than mediocre, he knew his capabilities would warrant him in an exceptional manner. He would then power forward and into the opening rhythm lane; hitting combinations two and three wide, narrowly avoiding trouble on numerous occasions. He stayed upright though, positioned in third, awaiting a mistake from one of the two front runner’s. And although nothing spectacular would occur, a fading Ken Roczen would show decreasing speed as the laps went on; and it was at that moment, Zach Osborne would decide to pounce. Running Roczen high in a specific berm, the ninety-four couldn’t combat with enough energy to tame the number sixteen. And from that point forward, Zach appeared to seal the deal; clinching second, in one of the best overall performances of his 450cc career.

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