- #4- 250SX -
Justin Cooper

Knowing he was capable of immense success this year, the momentum of Justin Cooper was derailed this year when the Coronavirus Pandemic hit the continental United States. He couldn’t believe what had happened, to the figurative esteem he managed to summate at the first few rounds. Where would he go? How would he rebound from this? Well, he was given another chance; one of bountiful opportunity, when the likes of Salt Lake City would come to fruition. Immediately scouring this track at round four with pertinent tenacity, he knew if all fell into place, that he could concoct a strong finish as nightfall would indicate an end to the event. Practice meanwhile, was a platform of imminent aggression; acting as a merciless combatant, when powering the 250F around this particular newfound layout. Riding the rim of numerous berms, he would come eerily close to clipping “tuff-blocks” at times; yet, it was all worth it to him, in order to save milliseconds of time, and vault his way up the Monster Energy Leaderboard. Those aforementioned capabilities, then began to rare their head once again; as his name was drawn to load the starting gate, for his respective heat race. This roughly ten minute tenure, would be a place where he could garner serious track time; while keeping enough in the tank, for the main event to come. Skying over the “SX” triple that set perpendicular to the starting line, a subtle look-over to the left, would showcase just how far behind particular riders were. He’d done his best to extinguish them, as time would run out shortly thereafter; putting him into a position of first. Just a brief while later, he would begin the main event festivities in the second place column. Proving his worth in stellar fashion, he absolutely bombarded past the mechanic’s area and into the following corner; slamming on both front and rear brake mechanism’s, while attempting to pivot in the next bend. Turning on a time per se, would widen his gap little by little, over Michael Mosiman. The ample breathing room, gave him a bit of cushion to relax; while he scrubbed the finish line on consecutive laps. With the white flag looming in the distance, he knew he could hold on for just one more brief circuit. Squeezing the bars with all of his might, he would land off the previously noted double with his head held high; clinching the fourth place residency, once and for all.

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