- #3 - 450SX -

Now with that of Sunday’s race in the rearview, many in the 450cc division were just hoping for a relatively normal playing field; in regard to the track in which they competed on. The workers of circuit development had once again put their all into reviving this course, designing a change of layout seemingly on a day’s notice. He was thankful for that notion too; reiterating his praise, with a lavish riding style throughout both ground and air, while racing here in Salt Lake on a Wednesday night. Eli Tomac, though, was a ride who could adapt to anything; showing early on  in the day, that he could ride a profoundly groomed circuit just as well as anyone else in the field. Hitting the whoops on the far outside, his brute strength allowed him to keep the frame relatively straight and upright, as his forks hit the moguls with utter rigidity and stiffness. Heading back to the semi after practice, he felt as though the bike could use a few, slight tweaks; and at that point, his team began to fine-tune the green steed, in preparation for racing action shortly thereafter. It was Martin Davalos getting out to an early race lead, putting the field on notice with his number thirty-seven machine attempting to sprint away from the pack. Tomac though, knew he could overtake the opposition from Ecuador; and all that was needed, was a bit of fierce pressure and staying power, thoroughly applied from his number three machine. Much was the case, with Tomac securing his notion of being “top-dog” in the latter moments, taking the heat race win with enthusiasm. However, the main wouldn’t be so delightful, in the eyes of the “red plate holder.” A horrendous start had him scurrying around the inside of the first turn, muffled in the confines of the back of the pack. Tomac though, knew to stay calm and composed. Methodically plucking his way though a sea of riders, that lent him into the top five as moments would down. The absolute “bulldog” mentality kept Eli charging past riders like Ken Roczen, who was at one point, blistering in front of the field. Last on the docket to catch, was that of Blake Baggett; whom he ran down, and secured the podium in final seconds. A championship salvaging run in all regard, Tomac remained the leader as all would cease for this episode, otherwise known as “Salt Lake City, Round Four.”

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