- #2- 250SX -
Dylan Ferrandis

Unbeknownst to absolutely no-one, Yamaha’s Dylan Ferrandis’ competitive spirit was on full display throughout the course of the day in Salt Lake City. No matter if it were to be showcased for only the likes of practice, he felt as though each lap was a portion of masterful performing; inflicting episodes of doubt and fear, into all of his opponents. Immediately in practice, he began to hit the whoops with a high-degree of speed; shifting to what seemed like fourth gear, as he barreled into the following berm. The motor to this machine was absolutely scorching, the piston hitting the peak of its combustion velocity at just the right time, sending him soaring over jumps like the “SX” triple on the far-side of the track. You could sense that he was firing on all cylinders (literally); and his lap-times, were indication of that. It would have him looking rather strong in the early portions of heat racing action, where a first place would be advocated. Leading the first three laps of competition, it was as though he was well on his way to victory; and then, it was Cameron McAdoo jumping to the inside to interrupt the party. Dismantling Ferrandis in every sort of the word, Ferrandis would be crashed into, flipping into the face of the “SX” triple as a result! Remounting as quickly as possible, he would take sixth as the race concluded. And then, as the gate would rise and fall for the main event, Ferrandis would begin the escapade in fourth; inching to the top three, as they neared the halfway point. Around this time as well, he would meet the former foe of Cameron McAdoo; except this time, the intervention would be much less hazardous. Ferrandis stayed the course, continuing to hunt down that of Austin Forkner with all of might. Leaping into the lucrative start straightaway rhythm lane, his ability to drive down the shock was truly astonishing. He would land off specific doubles and triples, with the throttle twisted to the absolute highest degree; knowing that time was of the essence when running down the Kawasaki rider. It was too little, too late though; in that regard, as Forkner would cross the checkered flag with immense excitement. Meanwhile Ferrandis would have to settle for second; taking a position of silver medal registry, as all commenced atop the overall podium.

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