- #1 - 450SX -
Cooper Webb

Riding to the degree in which he presented at this particular round, can leave many in his shoes absolutely bewildered and zapped of their energy stores. But this current pace, has left Cooper Webb sitting atop the podium yet again; fighting off numerous elite members of racing repertoire time and time again. This was apparent, as the field amassed for Wednesday night competition here in Salt Lake. Where conditions were much different, than that of Sunday’s racing festivities. Instead of sliding around on the rear wheel, this time he was able to plant and pivot per se; carving out lines, and hitting ruts in their optimal point of bending, with the throttle held wide open. Once practice had ceased, Webb, and the rest of the field for that matter, understood just how well the KTM rider was riding. It was a pattern that was all too familiar with the rest of the field; yet they continued to assemble, although knowing that the number one machine would most likely transcend to the front of the field once again. He progressed into his heat race, where a memo of pure domination, would gleam across headlines as he blitzed around the track. Setting out for this nine lap brigade, many in his position would be a bit deterred by riders like Ken Roczen and Jason Anderson around. Yet, Webb was resilient, holding off the number ninety-four for the duration of the event; despite the Honda amounting significant pressure from just behind. He would then look to do the same, in the twenty-minute brigade just on the horizon. Webb faced tremendous pressure from Ken Roczen as the gate would fall; as the German threw-out all in his arsenal, in order to throw Webb into an erratic loop of stagnation and clustered thoughts. The North Carolina native though, kept the charge to the forefront of the pack. Roczen would nearly make the move stick as the duo hit the halfway point; yet Ken wasn’t able to keep the door shut, with Webb persevering forward from that point on. The number one gleamed throughout the shadow’s of this Utah circuit, as the sunlight had crept over the horizon of jumps on portions of the circuit. Making all in his corner proud, Webb then crossed the final stripe with an abundance of enthusiasm; signifying a cultivation of hard-work, dedication, and imminent drive.

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