- #3 - 250SX -
Cameron Mcadoo

Feeling rather enthusiastic about this particular go-around, many in the industry got the vibe that Cameron McAdoo could be labeled for success as round number four would be on the dawn of inception. Smiling from ear-to-ear in his pit area, there appeared to be nothing that clouded his vision, as he waded his way forward into the confines of practice. With adequate social distancing of course, the field would align on the start straight; ushered by the referee in charge, while he flagged them onto the course in a single file manner. All alone as he rounded the circuit in this particular group, he took a few minutes to become acclimated to the intricate design; seeing what other riders had done, while pushing their way up the overall results board. He meanwhile, would wait until the latter end of the sessions to put down a few “heaters” per se; hitting the final portion of doubles with daunting speed, before whisking his way off the track for good. Looking to capture that same sort of aura in the heat race, he immediately dove to the furthest inside portion of corner number one, emerging around the second place position. Continuing his prowess of devastation, McAdoo’s will to win was seemingly on another level tonight; as he charged valiantly at the likes of leader Dylan Ferrandis. And although in the past, these two would be on another level per se, McAdoo for this specific Salt Lake round, had other ideas in mind. He charged toward the Yamaha with a sheer will to win; showing absolutely no respect as he barged into the riding path of the Frenchman, just prior to the SX triple. Slamming Ferrandis to the ground, he would then take over the lead! And although short-lived (being overtaken by Justin Cooper), you got the sense that McAdoo came to SLC with serious willpower, taking second on his way to the main event. Beginning the main event in third, McAdoo would then pursue that of Justin Cooper. Managing to get around the Yamaha star on lap six, it appeared to be a marvelous one-two punch for the Kawasaki brand, with Forkner out front. Yet Ferrandis, wanted revenge; although this time, things weren’t anywhere near as hectic. Scrubbing every jump in sight with his classic crouching style, McAdoo would vault the Kawasaki to an incredible third place ride. Showing that his work in the downtime, was something of substantial note.

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