- #1- 250SX -
Austin Forkner

Austin Forkner knew what was at stake for this particular round, with that of a championship precedent in mind. He had to topple the staying power, of any rider looking to bypass he and his respective brand; putting a stop to their aspirations, and placing his claim toward victory lane, with absolutely no hesitation. He was a marked man in practice, with a bullseye nearly imprinted on his back. His jersey would fly throughout the brisk Utah wind, flowing in all regard while hitting numerous instances of tripling bundles. You could see that, albeit quite the hiatus, Forkner hadn’t missed a beat; quickly escalating his presence over the rest of the 250 field. His talents immediately transcended into the heat race; where he would be designated, to the second round of specific racing qualifications. Pushing to the forefront of matters immediately, his line through the opening rhythm lane would be absolutely absurd. Hopping over a gap that registered some sixty feet in length, the way he maneuvered the bike over the crest of the landing ramp was truly sensational; ending the sequence with a miraculous triple-triple combo. One of many daunting equations he presented for the field to master, yet none of the others in the class were able to master the riddle in which Forkner displayed. The track at this point, still had a bit of moisture in it; and Austin would use the little bit of grip to his advantage, as he preloaded the triple, and glancing over at who was behind. It would be that of Jett Lawrence behind, yet the rookie proved to be no match for the elder, Missouri combatant. Austin would go on to lead the field from start to finish; looking to much of the same, for the main event. He immediately reiterated his presence, this time, over the course of a twenty-lap spread. The fifty-two machine was seemingly in a league of his own; running rampant around this circuit, merciless in all regard. Many transitions were beginning to be a bit, “Cupped-out;” yet, Forkner was able to master the hazardous territory, hitting lines with immense fortitude. Laps were beginning to wind down, and Dylan Ferrandis appeared to be closing in fast. But at this point, Austin had exemplified all that needed to be shown. That of victory was his, getting back to his normal ways, once and for all.

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