- #1 - 450SX -

Looking on from behind his respective handlebars, a bundle of thoughts would rummage their way throughout the lobes of Blake Baggett’s brain. He pondered quite a bit, especially in regard to the track at hand. Numerous lines were being made on this particular course, and his direction to the front of the field would be imminent, once matters would begin shortly thereafter. Roosting much of the opposition who stood behind, his reaction to particular obstacles on this track could be described as anything but lethargic. Swiftly infiltrating the likes of the top ten, all signs were indicative of him doing the same as the pack would congregate for the likes of both heat race, and main event portions of racing outcome. The forecast proved to be fare; and with the relatively clear format, his emotions would be tranquil as well. Bursting through the barrier of the first lap, he would land off the finish line double in second; letting absolutely no-one by, in their pursuit of a touted spot as well. Hitting the corner after the whoops, he appeared to cut the bowl off into duplicate segments; exiting the bend with a handful of throttle, and slight stabbing of the clutch when necessary. He could sense that Martin Davalos was behind him; and the tale of the tape, would indicate that he had the advantage as they rolled into finish line territory. And although the track was showing signs of wear and tear, he then would stay in a readied position; pushing as he landed off the double, and then into the likes of the main event. Once here, he would stand alone on the starting gate; with rules of mechanic’s, being forced to leave their normal post, and back away from the rider with fashion of solidarity. It didn’t faze him in the slightest, as he plowed through the first portions of racing action, in a spot categorized around fourth. Absolutely flying through the initial rhythm lane, his combination of tripling entendre’s would be absurd; hitting the rear brake over the last obstacle, and getting the chassis to pitch in a different maneuver. Landing on the throttle, he would overcome riders like Chad Reed; who seemed to be launching a final effort of sustainability, once the twenty-minute disclosure appeared in the crosshairs. Gripping the shrouds with all of his might through the final bends, he knew fourth place was secured; finishing just behind, that of Eli Tomac.

Blake Baggett_1429