- #5 - 450SX -
Ken Roczen

As the races concluded on Sunday, much of the field appeared to be a bit exhausted; and could you blame them? With absolutely horrendous track conditions for the previous round, there was no telling how much mental and physical fatigue they endured, over the course of the day’s race programming. And now, with just a few, short days in between, there wasn’t much time to recoup, leaving the weakhearted to flounder in the back of the pack. One of the “alpha’s," if you will, was that of Ken Roczen; showing his masterful abilities in that of practice as hit tires hit the particular canvas. Scrubbing the small double just before the whoops, you could actually see him upshift with his boot; hitting the numerous mounds thereafter, with outright speed and poise. He marginally gained on riders here, and it was apparent to all who watched. That precedent, would then transcend into the heat race as well; where a second place would be granted on that of timing and scoring. Whipping the rear-end of the machine to the right over the “SX” triple, he would immediately land on the gas; poised and upright with an aggressive style, as he leapt into the following rhythm lane. Neck and neck with Cooper Webb, there was absolutely no mistaking his presence on the 450; letting the engine bark, throughout the confines of the particular stadium. Although sometimes weary when he launched into particular sections, his mentality was never weak; showcasing to his team, that he could represent their brand in a strong manner. The laps continued to add-up, and by the time the checkered flag had flown, he had done enough to be warranted a position of second. With the main event now taking place, his velocity on the first lap would be staggering; disregarding any sign of caution, as he jumped in a diagonal fashion at times. Landing within the depths of these transitions, anytime he needed an extra “boost” so to speak, you could hear him stab the clutch with his left-hand; protruding him forward, with a guarantee of adequate RPM. In a consecutive manner, Martin Davalos continued to stay behind him; and although a wheel would be seen every now and then in his peripheral view, he would disregard that of his opponent looking to take his spot. And although the second place of earlier in the race was long forgotten about (as he even glanced at the lead), the respiratory issues from the Honda rider once again became a factor in his quest for a solid finish.

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