Wyatt Thurman was one of the top competitors in the 51cc Senior classes over the course of the 2019 racing season, putting himself on the top step of the podium in both the spring and the fall. The Californian started the year off on the right foot in his home state at the Cal Classic,not far from his stomping grounds of Temecula. Thurman finished in 1st position in the 51cc Open class and won the second moto in the (7-8) Limited class after a challenging first moto, narrowly missing out on a second number one plate. He raced both the 51cc (7-8) Limited class and the 65cc (7-9) class at Loretta’s, sharing seat time between both bikes. Thurman recorded consistent and impressive finishes in both classes, landing on the podium in his final 51cc moto on his way to a top ten overall in both classes. He returned to winning ways with two moto wins at The Motoplayground Race at Ponca City, flawlessly capturing the number one plate in the 51cc (7-8) Limited class. Thurman started off 2020 with a bang as he immediately worked his way to the top step of the podium in the 65cc (7-9) class at Supercross Futures in Anaheim, backing it up with a 2nd place finish in the (7-11) Main Event. He’s had a streak of strong results to start the new season and hasn’t been deterred by the recent break from racing as he’s determined to get back on the gate and show where he belongs. We caught up with Wyatt to talk about his race results from the 2019 season, what he’s been doing the last few months, and how it felt to win a couple of championships at the beginning of the season.



What did you for the few months that there was absolutely no racing happening?

It was a good break to focus on practicing what I need to do to become better once racing starts again. Besides that I hung out with my buddy Kelana Humphery and his brother Dylan, who moved up the road, going swimming, riding pit bikes, and hitting the freestyle ramp.

Did you take some time off when racing was postponed?

No, we still practiced a couple of times a week at our house and the local desert tracks near our house.

What was your riding situation like during the quarantine?

It really never changed, we live in a rural area. So we didn't do the whole face mask and fake virus program. #Trump2020

What do you enjoy doing in your free time away from riding and training? 

My sister Bentlee is really good at competing on her horse doing barrel racing so I like to go watch her and I’m a professional gamer on Fortnite so I get it done on and off the track.


How did your week go at Loretta’s last year from your perspective?

Away from riding it was a lot of fun, floating down the river and playing with my friends. My 50 races didn't go as planned, my front brake went out in my first race and my chain came off in the second one. The 65 went great. I'm stoked to be coming in this year as the only 65 (7-9) year old this year with a single-digit number. (#8)

Talk about your weekend last year at Ponca, taking the title in the 51cc (7-8) Limited class.

I was having a ton of fun ripping and battling when my buddy Gage Dunham for the win in the 50 class. In the end, my bike got protested and the AMA official determined my motor was all stock and actually needed a rebuild. It was a good way to set the record straight and finish my last race on a 50.

What was it like splitting time between the 50 and 65 last season?

I didn't really care about switching between the two bikes because there was no really big size difference and the only thing that was different was the shifter and clutch. It’s definitely a bigger difference between the 65 and 85 because of the size.

How has it been strictly focusing on the 65 this year so far?

Actually, I have been riding my 85 most of the year and only dropped down to the 65 for the races.

What was your experience like racing Supercross Futures at the beginning of the year?

I was super happy with my results,  finishing over twenty seconds ahead in my (7-9) class. But I missed the win in the (7-11) class by one second. I couldn't have been more prepared without the help and support from my good friend Tony Alessi and the Alessi family. #AMEMINICROSS


Talk about winning both number one plates at the AMA Arenacross National Championship in Salt Lake City.

Arenacross is the next level. Music pumping, bass pounding, crowds cheering, it’s an adrenaline rush! It was really cool getting a 3rd AMA National Title. Now I have AMA National Titles in Motocross, Supercross, and Arenacross by the time I was 9.

How’d the weekend of racing go for you at Spring A Ding Ding?

My mechanic (Dad) had my jetting all screwed up on my mod bike due to the rain. We don't get rain in California so we were not prepared. My stock 65 race was better but made some costly mistakes like leading the race and in the last two turns, I slowed download like a turtle instead of just taking my goggles off. My dad has always taught me to take my goggles off, I guess that is only a rule if someone is in front of you. All in all, it was a good learning experience and will help us learn in the future.

What do you think about the track layout at Underground MX?

I think the track layout at Underground is amazing, definitely one of my favorite tracks. Zack Mashburn and Kyle Regal know what's up when it comes to prepping that track for a race.

What do you think about the Super Regional format?

I like it, I think they should keep the Super Regional and get rid of the Areas.

What’re your goals and plans heading into Loretta’s this season?

My plans are to stay focused, continue training, stay healthy, and my goals are to dominate both of my classes.

Do you know what classes you’ll be racing heading into 2021?

Looking forward to putting my name out there in the 85 class and continuing to get it done on my 65. Thanks to the help of Donnie Luce and Yamaha Racing #bLUcRU