Tatum Michales displayed some impressive speed in all of the 50cc classes that he contested throughout the 2019 racing season, notably finishing in 6th place overall at the Loretta Lynn Amateur National Motocross Championship with solid 5th and 4th place results in the first two motos. The North Carolina native claimed a top-five spot in both of his classes at the Baja Brawl and was on pace for a similar performance at Mini Os, but his results were hindered by some bad luck on the track. Michales picked up some speed over the course of the offseason by putting in some hard work at Moto X Compound with Matt Walker in Georgia, coming out swinging at the Supercross Futures in Tampa with a pair of 2nd place finishes. He continued the same form one month later at the Daytona RCSX with a 3rd place in the 51cc (7-8) Limited Main Event, setting the stage for the remainder of the season. Unfortunately, things came to a screeching halt when the coronavirus pandemic hit but Michales proved that he didn’t miss a beat during the time off when he showed back up on the gate at Silver Dollar in late May, taking the top spot in the 51cc (7-8) class. Unfortunately, he just broke his collarbone but he’ll still be ready to race one of the late Regionals and punch his ticket to the Ranch this year. We reached out to Tatum to see how he’s been spending his time during the lockdown, talk about hitting freestyle ramps, as well as racing in some GNCC events.



What did you for the few months that there was absolutely no racing happening?

I was at Moto X Compound training.

Did you take some time off when racing was postponed?

No, I was training at Moto X Compound training the whole time.

What was your riding situation like during the quarantine?

It’s been normal but no racing.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time away from riding and training? 

Riding my bicycle and playing with friends.

When did you start hitting freestyle ramps and how fun is that?

Right before Mini O’s! It’s really fun but it scared the first time because I did what the big bikes do!


How did Loretta’s go last year from your perspective?

I think it was amazing but the last moto I fell three times pushing so hard.

Talk about your weekend of racing at the Baja Brawl last September and how things went for you there.

Things were going great until I crashed down the big hill but I was still able to do good In both classes.

What was the week of racing like for you at Mini Os to end the 2019 season?

It was a rough week for me on the track…I just had some bad luck.

What was your experience like at Supercross Futures in Tampa?

It was the best place I have been!


How did the Daytona RCSX go back in March?

I did the GNCC Saturday and then went to Daytona, missed practice and the heat races, so I just had one sight lap in the morning and got 3rd in the Main!

What was it like to finally be back at the races a couple of weeks ago in Georgia?

It felt good to race both GNCC and Silver Dollar!

What’re your goals and plans heading into Loretta’s this season?

My goal is to win Loretta ‘s but I broke my collarbone on Saturday. But I’ll still be good to race a later Regional!

Do you know what classes you’ll be racing heading into 2021?

The 65cc (7-9) classes.