- #2 - 250SX -

With the current state of the world, numerous members of the population are filled with uncertainty. Crazy times that we are in for certain, yet one thing has remained the same. And it’s that of Shane McElrath’s tenacity and hunger to win. A fire that can’t ever be extinguished, it’s as though his rigorous training efforts actually quantified substantially throughout the down-time; leading to a place of championship implications, as of this current moment. He would begin matters on the start stretch, looking to mimic a race-launching technique. Imagining the pin unlatching, as it were to do hours later, he catapulted with enthusiasm; hitting top speeds before darting into the left-handed first corner. Managing to stay upright in the following series of jumps, he was walking a tightrope of sorts, while keeping the throttle absolutely floored. His main objective, was to stay relatively clean while propelling himself into the night show. Both matters were attained, with an asterisk, if you will. Moving then into the divisional races, the track had dried out a brief bit; enough for him to launch the “SX” triple, when applicable. Doing his best to continue a doubling entendre, his stature over the front-end of the machine would keep the steering stem straight, in a longitudinal fashion. It was enough, to keep him ahead of Garrett Marchbanks as the checkered flag would fly. Now penciled into the main event, he looked forward to the fact that a drier racing surface was ahead. The bike had been mounted with speciality parts, to increase the resistance of water accumulation; and it would pay dividends, as he pushed to the front of the field on lap one. All seemed to be well, until the field was forced to a screeching halt. He then, had to “re-up” so to speak; putting together a combination of both swift timing and shifting maneuvering, while he drove the chassis as far into turn number one as possible. He would emerge leader; blazing a frontier of clear pathway, that others would die for. Yet one stingy competitor, by the name of Chase Sexton, would remain absolutely glued to the rear fender; stalking him for a number of laps. McElrath retained being the pinnacle of the field, until that of lap sixth. He would buckle at this point, washing the front-end to the right; and then wipe away his goggle lens with agony, as Sexton took over the reign of the field. Nevertheless, Shane would do what was necessary to conquer the second position with authority; losing a few points to Sexton though, as all would cease.

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