- #5 - 450SX -

With the series continuing to pass us by, much of the industry is in a complete whirlwind; riders, racing a number of different days, in order to lock-down their specific solidification in the overall points standing. Although taking place at the same venue, each instance is critical; as many racers in the field are eerily close to one another, in regard to numerical classification. Malcolm Stewart knows that feeling all too well, fighting tooth and nail for a spot of significancy while racing in the Monster Energy AMA Supercross series. And he yearned to do it yet again, while at round three; where he terrorized the track immediately in practice, foregoing all signs of cautionary tale while flying through the air. Cresting instances of longitude by sometimes more than sixty feet, he had no choice but to keep moving forward while escalating up the leaderboard. His mechanic, leaning over the barrier with towel in hand, continued to help him with an aid of confidence; keeping him in positive locomotion, until the referee would escort all off the track. Once back at the semi, he would take a moment to refuel and rehydrate; knowing good and well, that a battle Royale of sorts, was soon to be partaken in. Once the hole-shot device had been engaged, he then chartered along into treacherous waters, seismic waves of competition looking to topple him. He stood still, never one to falter under pressure. Pushing the rim of these bowl turns in a heavy-revving RPM, you could see him upshift before embarking on certain rhythm lanes and whoop section; looking to carry as much speed as possible, while venturing to treacherous lanes. He held down third for quite sometime, until an unfortunate mistake on lap seven had him falling hard throughout the pack. And although he finished sixth, Malcolm knew he had more in the tank for the main event. The track by that time, had received another round of rain; yet Stewart demonstrated immense confidence, in his aspirations to excel. Carving up this absolutely dismantled Utah track, his ability to stay on top of the whoops was key; especially, as the circuits would accumulate. His strength on the Honda, was something that few others could replicate; and while he muscled through the rutty-transitions, the fifth place position appeared to be his for the taking. A solid ride for the Honda in all regard, Stewart’s esteem will most certainly continue to heighten from this point forward.

Malcolm Stewart_7381
Malcolm Stewart_9840