- #5 - 250SX -

Firing the motor before the commencement of practice, you could feel that Kyle Peters and accompanying machine had something to prove; just in how much, he would absolutely anguish the engine beneath him. This steel-horse appeared blatant and ready to go, hoping to challenge every other opposition among the start stretch beside him. He immediately began to put together a batch of astounding times; while numerous members of the class beside him, were appalled at just how fast he was going. No matter how mud-ridden the corner, or slick the berm alongside, he had the capabilities of absolutely decimating these bends; looking to infiltrate the likes of heat race concourse, with absolutely no regret. Aligning his machine with the absolute straightest path he could find, he began to upshift through the gearbox; clinging with every “pow” of the transmission, while steadily climbing the charts of both speed and RPM. He was never fazed by riders such as Lorenzo Locurcio looking to create a blockade of sorts; yet, he would oblige to no-one, sticking to his script of confidence and ascension while hitting the finish line section. Landing with the throttle on, each lap was an opportunity to gain slight milliseconds; and it would work, albeit a methodical process by all accounts. A game of inches so to speak, he would push his machine into the fourth place ride; eyeing now the main event, as a platform to devour. Going back to the racing trailer, he and team would assemble a train of thoughts and belonging; knowing good and well, the battle they were about to bestow on. Infatuated with the idea of a top five finish, the search for his prized commodity would then take place; hunting down the green flag in a rightful sixth place position. Cutting his way through the field, his line on the far-side rhythm lane was rather stellar; cresting a tripling combination, that had all in the industry gazing his way. Landing on the throttle, he would catapult out of the transitions; thudding into territory of unfamiliarity. He would converse into a battle of attrition with Jalek Swoll; the two gladiators seemingly going at the jugular, until the checkered flag would wave. Once the fifteen minute expedition has seemingly come to a close, there he sat; nestled into fifth, for the entire world to see. An exceptional showing, in absolutely all regard.