- #4 - 450SX -

As the track crew constantly tried to remove the abundance of moisture, many in the field were excited to see the layout coming around; as ample traction would be key, amongst this slick base, and foundational surface. Zach Osborne, looking to build off of the last round, knew that big things could be in store if the stars would align while cast over this relic of a stadium. Although competing a multitude of times in this coliseum, he believed that there were still many unforeseen matters that could arise; and much would be the case, for the likes of qualification. A sea of yellow flags were cast, putting riders on edge as they rounded numerous bends. To some, an aura of yielding would overcome them; a sign of fear, as they continued to migrate around the circuit. Yet he, persevered; continuing to hit numerous ensembles of rhythmic hopping, and looking mightily strong, as he burst into heat racing territory. Clicking into second gear as the thirty-second board went sideways, his notion of “all systems go,” would lend him well while absolutely dive-bombing into this initial bend. With elbows high and wide, he began to ricochet; pushing to a degree of first on lap number one. Attempting to stay relatively clean, you could see that some of his lines were sweeping from outside to inside; veering in an arcing manner, cutting strenuously while pouring on the throttle. Keeping the likes of Aaron Plessinger behind him, he could sense that there was a riveting rider on his heels. Yet he would hold on, strong and diligent; pushing, to an exceptional second-place finish at the stripe. Now time for the main event, where numerous other combatants attempted to push his aspirations to the side. He sat first on lap one, hoping to build off the momentum previously generated at the last round. His tenure at the front of the field wouldn’t transpire for even a glimmer of what was previously enacted; yet he still presented a diligent effort, while being overtaken by both Cooper Webb and Eli Tomac. The number sixteen showed staying power; his capabilities on the Husqvarna were absolutely second to none. Yet he couldn’t fend off that of Jason Anderson either, who made the move stick around lap nine. Osborne’s creativity pushed him through a sea of lap traffic; where many others, became stagnant. The diverse line selection, vaulted him to fourth overall as the clock struck zero; bringing in yet another admirable effort, for the Husqvarna crew.

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