- #4 - 250SX -

Looking to continue on his streak of notable finishes, Pierce Brown has shown flashes of brilliance this season that few others can attest too. Long before the Pandemic, he was throttling away at outings of noble regard; and now that things have been deemed “normal,” he too aspires to get on the right track, getting his bearings in order as he lines the gate. Immediately establishing pressure on those around him, his ability to unravel around this particular Utah circuit was eye-catching. He appeared to be riding to the beat of a different drum per se, pushing his chassis to places of impeccable whereabouts. Jumping up and over the finish line, he would immediately catch the left-handed berm that resided just beyond the double. Absolutely soaring around this radiant bend, he would navigate through the moist, muddy terrain, when rolling up and over the “SX” triple. Hitting the whoops paralleled to the aforementioned, his rhythm around this circuit was sensational; and he looked to continue this particular flow, for that of heat racing action. The field had been split in half, yet his expectations still remained the same; succession at all costs. Swerving through the gap of the finish-line double, his infiltration of third place was apparent; as many others, yearned for his demise with utter begging. He was having none of it, and continued to put it on the likes of Kyle Peters behind him. With a forecast of nothing but absolute success to come, he glimmered around the Salt Lake circuit; satisfied with his efforts, as he powered the motorcycle into the fourth place ride. Once both heats had then ran their respective course, it was then time for the fifteen minute tenure of a main event to take place. Sanctioned in as close of an optimal spot as possible, he barreled through traffic ending up in fifth on the green flag. One circuit at a time, his ability to remain strong with mental fortitude was exceptional; especially, as whoops began to decay. Hitting the small double just afterward, he then slammed into the turn; getting closer and closer to the finish line. Glancing over his shoulder, he could see that the pack was coming in fast notion from behind. Yet, he was never one to wither; and instead powered forward into a rightful fourth place position. Staying here while passing the checkered flag, fourth place would be his in the record books.

Pierce Brown_7206