- #3 - 250SX -

As he scoured the track from just behind the starting gate, Colt Nichols knew that this racetrack could be tough to tame, all things considered. Rather tight, and bundled with a plethora of 180-degree corners, block-passes galore were most likely to ensue. He wasn’t afraid though; and instead, welcomed the cause, offering up his younger days of riding as a precedent for what was about to ensue. Practice would then be taking place, and instead of wading away in the background, he marched forward; holding everyone accountable, as he weaseled his way up the results board. By all means, he was hitting the right lines; trying to hit that ever-so-special middle groove in the midst of many bowl(ed) turns. The notion was paying off, and it lent him well as heat racing action would take place. His mystique would carry an aura of podium implications; especially, when hitting the finish line in second place position on lap one. Capable of holding off the vast majority of riders behind him, with all of his might, he would barrel through any obstacle with absolute certainty. Executing tasks with a high degree, he and Pierce Brown appeared to interlock; never losing sight of another, despite minutes on the clock trickling away. Yet the savviness of Nichols was an attribute that Brown couldn’t replicate; with Colt feasting on top-tier RPM through numerous transitions, and running the Yamaha in high regard to that of the finish line. The second place finish, would grant him with a strong starting position in the main event. Looking to capitalize on the red flag of earlier, Nichols wound up just behind Jalek Swoll at the stripe; and would do his best, to make his way around the number 352. That move would occur on lap four, where Nichols distinction was now classified into podium territory. The rain began to really come down, yet he was stabilized through a vast majority of the track; hitting the likes of the “SX” triple, with the rear wheel sliding up the face. Jumping over the finish line in the laps to come, a subtle pulling of the roll-off mechanism allowed freed vision to overtake the lens of his pupils. And despite the less than ideal conditions, Colt Nichols would finish third; taking a rightful position on the podium, yet again here in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Colt Nichols_7255