- #2 - 450SX -

Looking to combine his certain repertoire of skills, Cooper Webb now knew what this particular Salt Lake layout would provide. After all, the class had raced here on two different occasions, with both dry and moist soil compositions being provided for all to see. And now, it was though everyone was beginning to adjust to these circumstances; and it was apparent for his brand, because he and machine would absolutely flourish. From the moment the green flag would wave to start practice matters, he would absolutely belt off the line; flying through the Utah Skyline, his back-wheel rotating in a clockwise manner. As he splashed through portions of wet track, mud would fling all over the bottom of both rear and front fender; indicating as to just how fast he was going. Nevertheless, he would look at the Monster Energy leaderboard; knowing that he could better himself even more, before all would cease in this realm. Once thrust into the night show, he was then placed into a specific starting groove; locked and loaded, while anxiously awaiting to release the clutch. Pouncing off of the mesh pad, he would disengage and twist the throttle all at the same time, volleying to the first-place position on lap number one. His configuration of this twisted circuit was astonishing; being reiterated time and time again, by announcer’s on the television screen. As the laps would continue to summate, so too would his energy on the motorcycle. And as this tenure was rather short in duration, his ability to overtake Ken Roczen on lap seven would be even more applaud-worthy; as his ability to sprint and finagle the KTM every which way, was apparent when dashing to the stripe of finality. A win at this point in time, had “all systems a-go” in the main event. Pushing around Zach Osborne for that of the lead on lap two, Webb attempted to blister away from the field; putting together tripling sequences, that only Eli Tomac could replicate. Even with a slightly smaller stature, the way he was attacking the groove-ridden whoop section was spectacular; blitzing the tops of these moguls, with both front and rear tire. Eli though, had other plans; making his way around on lap nine, while trying to scurry away with the lead. This appeared to be the theme of the race, until Tomac would be caught in a sea of lap traffic; Webb took this as an opportunistic matter, plowing ahead of Eli as they circled Ken Roczen (a lap down), and vaulting forward over the finish line. Hitting these ruts with absolute authority and power, his KTM 450 would ricochet throughout specific coves on the circuit; bouncing off the rev-limiter, all the while. Tomac had other plans though, pushing past Cooper in the right-hander following the “SX” triple; and placing the KTM rider in second for good. A brilliant performance by both riders, Webb had to tip the cap to the Kawasaki combatant, once all had concluded.

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