- #1 - 250SX -

What an absolute whirlwind of events, this current year of 2020 has placed upon us; with the Pandemic being an absolute travesty, in regard to many’s presumption of just how the championship would unfold. And just as the industry had appeared to be on the right track, wouldn’t you know it the stadium of Utah would be placed under yet another variable; this time, with strenuous amounts of rain that absolutely flooded the stadium’s proving grounds. Yet, Chase Sexton was still able to conquer the task at hand; putting his machine atop the field, from the moment the green flag would wave for practice. The term “muddy” would be deemed an understatement; and instead, an absolute overwhelming sense of slop covered the racing canvas. Putting an exclamation where it was needed, he rolled off the raceway doused with mud from head to toe; looking to clean-up both attire, and the statistics sheet, as the night progressed. Penciled into heat number two, he knew that a strong jump would be critical in his dashing to the first turn. Water had saturated the soil, yet he’d done enough to float into the first corner; hanging off the rear-end, while twisting the throttle to the utmost degree. Hitting the outer edges of track for a bit of “drained” composition, he attempted to carry as much momentum as possible, before embarking on the whoop section and other patterns of rhythm lanes. Sliding the rear end with the clutch engaged, a dumping of the lever would push his rear wheel into another dimension; putting the gap over Colt Nichols behind him, to almost insurmountable lengths. This rather short, brief tenure, would be a mere forecast of what was to come; and the fifteen-minute configuration in the moments to follow, would be designated as an opportunity to capture pure gold and surplus of points. Sexton would begin matters of the main event, taking yet another soil sample; disgusted, frantically attempting to remount the machine. And as though hope would be lost, a red-flag of sorts would be thrown; forcing the field to congregate yet again, and Sexton, a clean slate per se. It was then, that he would be found just behind Shane Mcelrath; hounding the Yamaha rider, as moisture began to accumulate around the track. Ruts had now “combed-out” the latter portion of many bowl turns, allowing him to have a bit of traction at least, when exiting numerous sections of the track. It seemed to paid dividends; especially, prior to the whoop section. He yearned to break that of the North Carolina native; and that matter would occur, with ten minutes to go, in a right-hander after the finish line. And once McElrath bit the dust, (or mud, in this case), Sexton would set sail to the checkered flag; proving once again, why he’s garnered the number “1E” here in recent memory.

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