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SHANE MCELRATH - 250 SX Round 12


Knowing that a win at this point in the series would be critical, Shane McElrath wanted to go “all-in” in a matter of perseverance, proving that he could outlast every other competitor in his surrounding. Although joined by a multitude of champions, he knew that he could best even the toughest competitors on the circuit; proving his true equity, by the time all would cease here in Salt Lake. First and foremost though, he would attempt to lay down an absolute gauntlet of times in that of qualification; knowing the ramifications of a lethargic effort, would lend his being to a less than stellar gate choice. That would be nothing of the sort though, as his 250F machine absolutely flourished down the start straightaway, before diving on both rear and front braking mechanisms in the latter right hander. Creating a ripple effect in the following laps, a tidal wave of overwhelming speed would engulf the field; and that’s where he would reside, confident in all capacities. Looking ahead to that of racing circumstances there to come, he would be positioned into his respective heat race. Eyeing nothing but the finish line, you could see him visibly shift through the transmission with brute force and exceptionalism; housing all of his inner might, into this particular race track. With the heat races then taking place a bit later in the day than to be expected, McElrath knew that moisture would be more prominent in this soil; and his riding style would then acclimate to this specific setting. His heat race showing, would be of pure domination; blissfully showing all of those in his surroundings, as to just how strong he can be. The victory, would be a stepping stone of sorts to the main event. Where initially, he would be just behind that of Colt Nichols; hunting down his teammate, that of the number thirteen. The tandem would be interlocked, simultaneously hitting jumps of all magnitude neck and neck. Slowly, the gap would close; and McElrath yearned to make a move with around nine minutes to go. The opportunity would arise, sliding the rear-wheel into the berm and pivoting down the start straight; narrowly working his way around the outside, and never looking back. Placing a multitude of strong circuits together to that of the finish line, McElrath would yet again take victory. Establishing an almighty power of sorts, from this point forward.