Ken Roczen_4645



As the 450 class has become absolutely loaded with the fastest talent known to man, it can be hard for many individuals to stand out during this ultimately complex time. Ken Roczen understands that time is of the essence, and he has to conquer the task at hand, which currently resides in present day Salt Lake City, Utah. This event was supposed to house the final round of the series; instead, it’s holding a larger chunk than many others could ever presume. He would delegate his efforts throughout numerous laps; placing the 450 into various positions around the circuit, and seeing which specific combination of pathways worked best. You could sense, that he was finding his tune well-into the depths of qualification; as the final seconds would come about, and therefore some of his strongest segment times would grow. Shortly thereafter, he would be assigned a heat race; but, as you may have guessed, paid no attention to who was on the roster alongside him. Once the gate would fall, he would power forward off the mesh pad and through a series of gears; hoping to land in a highly valued spot, for the first series of circumstances. Up and over a series of jumps, his rhythm was of true harmony; landing in the depths of various triple bundles, and popping out with a twisting of the throttle. He could carve up the raceway under a numerous set of occurrences; yet, the variability wouldn’t change him. All in all, you could say that his heat race expedition was a success; finishing a remarkable first. Looking to piece together numerous sets of laps for that of the main event, he understood that his mental fortitude must be of the highest regard; especially, when the track began to wither. Scrubbing the finish line with a subtle flick to the right, he could sense that Dean Wilson was behind him; knowing good and well, what the foe was capable of. Yet, he stayed the course; fighting every single lap for the dignity of his reputation. Undertaking a battle for the ages in the final few segments, he would hover near the inside of the turn that vaulted him back toward the starting gate; hoping to contain, any path the aforementioned opponent tried to enact. His last stand would work, creating a significant showing in all capacity, pushing his machine to fifth at the finish line.