Jeremy Martin_4950

JEREMY MARTIN - 250 SX Round 12


With the idea of a podium becoming a piece of actuality, Jeremy Martin’s mind began to overflow with thoughts of success as this particular Salt Lake City round came to fruition. He wanted the epitome of a “solid outing” to occur here; in this open-roofed stadium, with absolutely zero fans in attendance. There was a certain aura looming around this particular canvas; and although it had been uncharted, it was a place of intrigue and creativity. He began to paint the soil with the tread of his tire, slashing-up this relatively hard-packed ground that had been masked by dozer concourse. Jumping into the first turn, you could see him hug the right-handed bend with a sweeping motion, before plowing through the myriad of obstacles that were in the foreground. Merely touching down a handful of times, there was no guessing as to whether or not he could survive the storm that was to come. Relishing with a sly grin as he exited the raceway, he felt there was probable cause for a strong showing in the events to come. And to begin matters, would be that of the heat race appetizer. A platform of specific racing repertoire, he would absolutely throw caution to the wind as he blitzed around this original lap. Continuing to craft a piece of substantial actuality, the gap between he and many of his competitors would heighten; as he rounded the circuit near the fourth place position. Little, if anything, seemed to stand in his way; as he crested the summit of the “SX” triple and into the period of four singles shortly thereafter. And it wasn’t as though the Millville native couldn’t thrive in this Supercross technicality; better yet, he would climb as the circuits went on. Ending in an illustrious second place, moving forward with the detriment of Colt Nichols. The main event would be a place where mediocrity was thrown right out the window; and Martin immediately lunged forward when both Pierce Brown and Chase Sexton would tangle amongst one another. From that point on, he would look to rally past the Yamaha brigade in front of him; yet, that would be of no avail. Martin though, would feel strong and confident in his situation of third, understanding that he’s overcome quite a bit in the past. The Geico rider will most certainly continue pushing in the weeks to come.