Eli Tomac_5274

ELI TOMAC - 450SX Round 12


Racing just this past Sunday, left many in the field a bit depleted as a result of their efforts. Yet Eli Tomac looked rigorous in the pits on Wednesday, even off the motorcycle. No shortage of energy, a smile and heart-felt handshake welcomed numerous fans to his pit-area; a place where his relic of a machine, stood basking in the sunlight. That notorious power-ship of sorts, had been labeled a championship contender from the get-go; yet, he still appeared more ready than ever to stake his claim for podium territory. A hoard of riders would make their way to the starting line for practice, and as you may have guessed, he was one of the first riders on the track. Embarking on newfound racing surfaces, there was no shortage of momentum being whisked around the raceway by both he and steed beneath him. He tallied with the idea of going “all-in,” but decided to leave a bit in the tank, for the heat race to come. Loading the starting gate with just he alone, the straightaway in front was a place for his machine to remain wide-open; and he had absolutely no sign of hesitating, when dive-bombing into the first corner. Whipping the rear-end from side-to-side, his ability to launch forward while carrying noteworthy style was truly something out of this world. He sat sixth early-on, chomping at the bit to advance to a higher degree. One moment after another, Tomac’s ability to steadily wade would have him into the third place position; just behind that of Zach Osborne. He would attempt, to stay put at this particular destination; yet the desire from within, erupted ferociously, and would allow him to move into second place as a result. Finishing here, the main event was just around the corner. Beginning this respective trek in ninth, Tomac would leave the former position extinct; cresting to a remarkable fifth, by lap eight. Yet he wasn’t done, howling for more as he cranked the Kawasaki 450cc machine to the highest capacity. Moving to fourth, it was that of Jason Anderson looming just ahead; and he too, would take his rightful position, on lap twelve. He then eyed, Zach Osborne in that of second; making a leap for the runner-up tally on lap twenty-three. Leaping into the one-eighty degree turn after the far-side rhythm section, Tomac made the past stick. Putting the number three just off the lead, and settling for a plethora of points when moving forward.