Cooper Webb_5889

COOPER WEBB  - 450SX Round 12


The road to the top is hard, and an awfully mighty climb for anyone seeking gold at the end. Yet, Cooper Webb has traveled this path numerous times before, in preparation for the task in which he’s currently hoping to handle. A configuration of both time spent on the motorcycle, hours logged in the gym, and numerous occurrences of visualization, led him to a spot of peace and tranquility while at this current residency in Utah. He felt capable of taking on the world, and the platform of qualification was a perfect example of that. Blitzing by numerous other riders on the racing surface, they could hear his engine cry from afar while he roared behind them. There was no mistaking as to just whose rev limiter that was, and it was something that every one in attendance, must get used to. Completing all of his respective qualification circuitry, it would then be time to load the gates for the heat race; where riders like Malcolm Stewart would attempt to dethrone him. The number one machine was absolutely resilient out front, throwing caution to the wind while escalating around this Utah circuit. Hitting the step-on, step-off circuit with triples to follow, you could see his KTM chassis working overtime upon landing. Cooper’s style would continue to churn, volleying vertically in a positive manner. The only rider who truly attempted to “halt” his flow per se, was that of Malcolm Stewart; the aforementioned Honda rider, who was on an absolute tear in the final moments of racing. Leaving the door slightly open on lap eight, the MotoConcepts rider would bombard his way into the lead; leaving Webb almost at a slight stand still. Finishing second, he looked to come back even stronger for that of the main event. And it was here, during this remarkable twenty-seven lap expenditure, that Cooper’s fortitude would prove greater than anyone else’s. Immediately, he and Zach Osborne would engage into a game of cat and mouse; almost as if they knew each other’s moves, prior to be enacting. Beginning to even jump through the whoop section, both East Coast counterparts would complete many of the same tasks in dual-sport notion. Yet, Cooper would finally have enough with three minutes to go; setting up the Husqvarna just before the finish line, and making the pass stick once and for all. Once here, Webb would broadcast a pure sprint-like manner all the way to the checkered flag; gleaming with enthusiasm, and bringing another victory home to his entourage of wins.