Colt Nichols_5588

COLT NICHOLS - 250 SX Round 12


Looking to sculpt a piece of excellent craftsmanship, Colt Nichols knew that the practicing portion of this specific Utah race would be a platform to establish an unprecedented tone. Few others in these parameters couldn’t even fathom as to what all he could accomplish; yet deep down, he knew he had something in the tank that was unattainable and intangible. That certain piece of grit, would radiate from the visualization of his riding style, where he finessed and drove the machine around this particular track with immense tenacity and courage. Regardless of which particular avenue he was embarking on, Colt Nichols kept his thought process focused on that of the finish line; knowing that the censor located at that particular double, would be the “tale of the tape” per se, in regard to his final situational standing. Looking at the Monster Energy leaderboard, you could see that he was able to hold a specific route and pace that would make even other team manager’s grant him applause. That too, would translate into the heat race, where his position on lap one would be labeled as second. There was absolutely no telling just how far he could climb, when blitzing around the outside of the whoop section. Immediately hitting the rear brake and pivoting into the final double, he land on the throttle; rolling into the duplicated right-handed sequence, with much of the pack nipping at his heels. He let the throttle of the 250F sound high and loud throughout the walls of the stadium; amplifying his presence to the highest degree. And although a slight mistake would then cost him, he would still reside third, for the finality of the moto. It was then time for qualification matters to be washed away; and a place for Nichols to rebound, and generate some serious momentum. Immediately, he would push his machine into the lead; a sight that had been dormant in his memory, for quite sometime. Yet immediately, he would pick-up where he left off; traveling forward with absolutely no hesitation of what was behind. But at that point, Shane McElrath’s esteem couldn’t be denied; and Nichols lead, would be tarnished on that of lap seven. However, rather than weep and wither away in dismay, Nichols stayed true to the track; honoring the second place position, all the way to the final stripe. The silver-medal running was sensational, and a placement he could most definitely build off of.