CHASE SEXTON - 250 SX Round 12


The jitters of the inaugural round had come to pass; and it was now up to this particular group of 250cc riders to carry the torch into a portion of “Mid-Week” mayhem. Chase Sexton understood that this particular circumstance, wasn’t of utopian ideology in the slightest; yet, he had to buckle down, riding the course as it was presented to other riders, and doing his best to attain a solid position in the finality of record-book keeping. Fast forwarding to the present meanwhile, he could be seen revving his engine on the start stretch for practice; knowing that a series of daunting laps would take place in the following moments. Scouring over the finish-line you could sense that he was looking to grab every millisecond possible when throttling through the blue-grooved base. He volleyed the chassis from side-to-side, forcing the machine to move around with the rigidity of his trunk. His mechanic would gleam a sign of thumbs-up when he blitzed past the paddock, showing that he was most definitely on the right trajectory to excel as nightfall would come about. Ending the run with a sight of congratulatory promise, he would then move to the racing semi to begin a process of refueling and refocus. His impact in the heat-race would be immediately felt, where a first place was warranted. He rounded and rounded the circuit with cameras all upon him, basking in the midst of his craft while pushing into surrounding bowl turns. Looking to hover near numerous tuff-blocks, he had to be careful not to snag a cover on the razor-sharp footpeg. It was in this attempted maneuver and riding style, that he could secure even the slimmest of margins. The gap between he and the pack behind him began to grow in an exponential manner, as he amplified his riding volume to an outstanding registry. Sewing-up the first position, would be critical for his expenditure in the main event to come as well. Once the metal brackets of the starting gate staggered and stood to the ground, he too would pursue nothing but the crowd in front of him. Attempting to dodge numerous roost pellets with the likes of his visor and a series of veering techniques, he would somehow come to the back of Pierce Brown early-on, and the two would crash to the ground. His thoughts would become near mantic, and it was all Sexton could do to remount and enhance his position on the leaderboard. Lap after lap, Chase would soar into the Utah skyline; hoping to garner every position possible. And in the end, his might would propel him to that of fourth place; strong enough to create a hefty point sum, all things considered.