Shane McElrath_5583



It appeared as though of all the riders lining up for this respective Supercross event, Shane McElrath was the most equipped. The Yamaha rider had been a force to be reckon with, from the moment the season began, up until this respective Utah round. Working diligently throughout the, “Time-off," you could sense that he was all business upon entering this rather blank stadium. He looked to establish a rather spectacular pace in the initial portions of practice, sliding his rear wheel around the raceway, with a ferocious intent. Acknowledging that his mechanic had his back, he blitzed past the crew area; nodding to his chief wrench, and looking to unleash his true talent on the track that sat before him. It would be mimicked, for that of the heat race. Immediately he pushed forward, past that of Colt Nichols. The teammate tandem aspired to lock horns throughout this ten-lap quest. Eyeing only that of the finish line, to disrupt their respective course of action. The Thor gear on his back, would ripple throughout the Utah air; showcasing his last name, for all to see in the background. One lap after another, he would cement his chassis at the pinnacle of the field; forcing riders to adapt to his pace, otherwise they would be left in stagnation. McElrath at this point, continued to ante up; rising to a level of notoriety, that was absolutely insane. As all would be finished for this particular qualification bout, Shane knew that he had what it took, to capture the main event as well. As usual, he showcased his starting technique for the world to see; putting the field on “blast," while taking the lead with a persistent throttle grab. It was only championship foe, Chase Sexton, looking to dethrone him from behind. The Honda rider, kept a persistent charge as they worked their way through staggering lap traffic; the field really beginning to widen out, as matters went on. Shane was methodical in his search for the perfect line, doing what was necessary, to hit the same lines lap after lap. Now constructing his final circuits, the slight margin of gap he had enacted, pushed him to a rightful line of victory. The number twelve had done it once again, reiterating his fight for the championship, as the series will wrap-up soon here in Salt Lake City, Utah, accruing multiple rounds.