0085 Pierce Brown



With the “East Championship” taking place to initiate this process of Supercross racing, many in the industry were understandably curious to see who would prevail with strong standing. The racing world had seemingly been flipped upside down, thus placing the riders into a conundrum of emotions. Yet Pierce Brown would still appear to be firing on all cylinders; rolling around this relatively dry Utah circuit with a toggling of both throttle and clutch. Pushing his way through the back-to-back rhythm lanes in practice, he felt distinguished before popping up and over the finish-line jump. It would translate into the heat races, where the crowd of riders would amass for the first time in ages; looking to unleash a fury of rage and power on the-then “Sun-Baked” stadium. Rallying through the early portions of sequencing, battles were heating-up throughout the field of twenty, yet he knew he had to make way despite hoards of top-soil being sloshed around. Weighting the outside foot-peg when necessary, he would thrive as the laps would wind down. Although this was a mere sprint in the grand scheme of things, he knew that if he could establish a solid rhythm and synchronization, the precedent could be solid outing for things to come. Crafting a performance strong enough for a third-place placement, he absolutely would be ecstatic for the main event. And then to come, was that of the main event. As the field burst off the line, they plowed through the whoop-section; chassis of all brands dancing from side-to-side with reckless enthusiasm. The sweeping corner of the start straightaway was beginning to be rather grooved; and he would stay teetering on the inside of the machine, hoping to land a bit of traction optimally to propel him forward. It would be the case, as dust began to swirl around the likes of his rear fender, before launching into a myriad of double and triple combinations. Riding in the fifth-place spot, he felt as though he could be categorized in a strong suit before the checkered flag would fly. The laps would wind down, yet he continued to present a drive that was hardly replicated by anyone else in the field; pushing both top and bottom-end to the point of disaster, he would round the final circuit in fifth; looking forward to the next go-around.