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The German combatant would once again bring all spectacles of his infantry to the line for this inaugural Salt Lake City round; showcasing just what he was made of, for millions of eyes watching from behind the television screen. Roczen, now stationed in that of Northern Florida, was capable of doing things that few others could even fathom aboard the motorcycle; and seemed to keep the daunting trend up, while in his downtime of the “Sunshine State.” Yet Ken knew, that practice rounds weren’t what paid the bills; and instead decided to bestow all of his talents, upon this particular circuit in Utah. Practice would go rather well, with the number ninety-four machine staying clean while toggling away from numerous other foe in his surrounding. He kept a clean style, hoping to be rather efficient with his energy before planting his assembly into the forefront of main event tactical battlegrounds. Nevertheless, the heat races would then come to light, and Roczen would be greeted by training partner, Adam Cianciarulo, immediately on this sickening track. Ken’s ability to remain smooth, pushed his locomotive forward to a sustainable gap while many in the back floundered around him. Roczen was the outlier in this particular equation, demonstrating a flow that was downright jaw-dropping. Up and over the final small step-up jump, Roczen would take the win; surging with momentum, as the twenty-minute tenure loomed in the distant future. Refueling with an adequate carbohydrate and hydration source, he appeared locked and loaded when rolling to the starting gate. The new rule of “Rider’s Only," had him looking down the start straight with only he and opposition surrounding; and it was here, where an absolute war-zone would become unveiled. Roczen had to dance through the pack to begin, as numerous riders like Blake Baggett and Justin Brayton were attempting to break away. The number ninety-four was having nothing of the sort, following numerous members of the pack before bombarding into unbeknownst territory. Tomac was the man on the move, who couldn't be denied; yet, Roczen truly tried to withstand the pressure. Yet, around six minutes in, the red-plate holder would work his way around. Roczen would then latch-on, doing all in his power around this dusty circuit in order to lessen the blow of a points loss. Once into third, he and Webb were seemingly glued together simultaneously; yet, Roczen couldn’t muster the energy to make the pass stick. Riding comfortably in this spot, disaster would almost strike when landing through the treacherous triple-triple section; yet, he would showcase bountiful strength to stay-on, taking third place as a result.