0086 Jeremy Martin



As architects crafted this pristine Utah track, many in the industry were curious to see what the guys in the seat of machinery could do with this outdoor-stadium. Although the dirt had been argued as less than optimal, these respective crew members would make it work; challenging their creative minds to the utmost degree, while Raceday quickly approached. Jeremy Martin understood that this would be a proving ground of sorts; hoping to yield to absolutely no-one while flying high in the state of Utah. With practice underway, numerous riders were crossing the track in a rather erratic fashion; yet he stayed the course, persevering through uncharted waters as the timer would wind down to an eventual halt. Strolling his bike back to the respective pit area, he believed that a strong ride could be generated by the time the final flag would wave for the main event. In the minutes to follow, on this rather condensed program, Jeremy Martin knew that if he could drive his machine deep into the first turn; a noteworthy finish could be tallied in the record books. Shifting through the gearbox with all of his might, the field would dive-bomb; swarming like a bundle of bee’s as they had neared the finish line. He attempted to launch the “SX” triple in a stylistic manner; creating a flow that was hardly replicated by anyone else around him. Landing on the gas, he would then clench down on the braking mechanism’s, while powering into the next bowl turn. Vaulting forward, he would then leap astoundingly high; looking to create a rather seismic gap over Pierce Brown. That would much be the case, while he sprinted further and further toward the checkered flag. Nestled into a category of solidarity, the second place position would land him with a rightful spot on the gate of the main event. The riders would then congregate on the starting gate, as the mechanic’s backed-away from their machines and left the athletes loaded in their respective docket. He immediately did all in his power to climb forward, putting his machine in a fourth-place placement. Pushing past the mechanic’s area, he would wheelie and wheel-tap all the way through the following jumping lane; holding off Pierce Brown in the meantime. Inching further and further toward the everlasting circuit, his impression placed on the industry would be noticeable. He meant business, garnering a fourth as the event would cease.