Jason Anderson_2_2419



Looking to cap-off the season in the right manner, Jason Anderson was enthused to the highest level, when the series was fit to begin for this final May weekend. He had been absolutely raging and ravaging around test tracks when possible, looking forward to the point in time when he could line-up behind this respective starting gate. To begin matters, on this relatively short track, he knew that a strong initiation position would be critical; therefore he would practice multiple rounds on the Salt Lake starting gate, looking to mimic what was to come in the hours of the later afternoon. Feeling the flow in a rather superb manner, that of the heat races were to come rather shortly; and he knew, he must mentally prepare for what was going to be unleashed. As the field would assemble, he then let out a battle cry for the ages; holding his 450 to the utmost RPM while hitting the green flag in style. Looking to propel forward as far as possible, Jason Anderson’s estimation of just how slick the track would be proved rather well; especially when adjusting his tire pressure and other matters of the sort. He knew he had to have a bit of tread dug-in to this notorious slick soil, and you could visually see him migrating toward the edges of the berms that littered the layout. Putting bundles of laps together, you could see that his establishment of fourth was rather cemented. Yet he continued to dig, putting on an admirable performance for all to see through their respective television screens. A staple at the front of the field, he was most certainly able to do it, once again for the main event; following a fourth-place outcome. The field watched from afar as the 250 class terrorized the track; throwing dust up immediately when they hit the racing surface. Fast forwarding a brief bit, he too would be amongst the beaming sunshine looking to dazzle all those in his corner with an array of racing repertoire. Hitting a multitude of triple combinations throughout paralleled rhythm sections, his 450 would breeze through this portion of technicality with all types of staying power. The timer was counting down unreasonably close to the twenty-minute mark, yet he wouldn’t fade. Pushing his machine just in front of Zach Osborne, fourth overall was now his once and for all in the record books.