0133 Garrett Marchbanks



Building off of a stellar performance in Daytona, Florida before the season was cut short, Marchbanks had an abundance of momentum when rolling into his native Salt Lake City Supercross. Never would he have imagined, that a significant chunk of races would be held in this specific stadium; yet, when the opportunity came, he pounced on it. The green flag would wave to begin practice, and Marchbanks looked to present a distinct outcome of racing successes. Making his way over a multitude of tabletop’s, he would broadcast his abilities for the industry to take note of; as many wondered, as to just what he could undertake, when the right presence of mind was placed upon him. Pushing toward a fifth place ride in the heat race, he would rather quickly assemble an array of riding techniques; doing his best to move around riders like Enzo Lopes. It was just a pair of Yamaha riders who sat in front of him, and Marchbanks knew that they would be contenders in the main event as well. Yet lap after lap, the gap couldn’t be clenched; and Marchbanks position of third, would put him too a solid position of third for this particular outing. In the meantime, this particular racing program was rather short; with absolutely no-crowd in the stands, the mingling and aimless chatter of old being washed away with the pandemic. Yet Marchbanks, stayed ready; and began to gather his gear-set to make way toward main event festivities. Once his holeshot device had been set, Marchbanks’ mechanic had walked away; leaving only he and the track, to tangle in the coming moments. Just behind Jeremy Martin to begin matters, Marchbanks knew the veteran would be rather stingy to get around; yet still delegated all of his efforts, into working his way around the number six machine. That potential of action would come on lap four; with Jeremy being pushed away, and the Kawasaki machine marching into the third place ride. Now third, it was only a tandem of Honda’s a bit ahead; as he eyed them on sides of the track, that he had yet to discover. Rather than shying away and settling though, Marchbanks continued to blister the circuit; developing a flow that was unlike few could muster, throughout the rest of the 250 field. His prominence was imminent, and something to note while the referee would indicate that racing action had ceased; third place, had now been bestowed to him.