0142 Eli Tomac



The veteran demeanor of Eli Tomac was on full display for the eerie empty stadium of Salt Lake City; and it appeared even in the earliest moments of the day, that Tomac was beyond thankful to re-demonstrate his craft. It had been a lethargic lull of dullness over these recent hectic times, and you could sense that Tomac was ready to display his championship prowess for the world to see. Attempting to concoct numerous different rhythm lanes in practice, Tomac would yield to absolutely no-one while skying to the top of the leaderboard. Nodding his head as he exited the raceway, you could sense that he felt more than capable of bringing serious heat in the racing festivities of the evening show. His heat race aptitude was flawless, absolutely starching the field on the first lap and driving his way into the lead. The Kawasaki glistened off the beaming sunlight, all the while sliding around various obstacles that littered this drying canvas. He could feel that Cooper Webb was attempting to infiltrate his radius; yet, Tomac was having nothing of the sort, delegating his entire effort toward that of the finish line. Capturing the win over the course of ten laps, Tomac felt rather captivated when heading into the main event. Rolling into his respective grid in the late-afternoon hours, he knew that a strong start would be key in his efforts of pursuing victory. And all-in-all, a fourth-place would be rather gratifying; knowing that he had to work his around the likes of Justin Brayton, before venturing into podium territory. That task would be accomplished, while pushing forward ahead of a falling Adam Cianciarulo as well. All appeared well, until a slight hiccup on lap six, would have him on the outside and looking in. He continued to hold strong though, pushing into the lead by lap twelve and never looking back. Each circuit shortly thereafter, his lead continued to grow; putting him with a decent-sized margin by the time all had concluded. Eighteen laps in total, would generate a much-deserving fist pump when all was said and done. Congratulated by limited crew members in the podium vicinity, you could sense that a vibe of gratitude was generated from beneath the helmet of the number three. From this point forward, Tomac certainly appears to be a problem for the entire field of the 450cc division.