Cooper Webb_1_0906



The defending champion, was most certainly a threat to return to his original racing form, via prior to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Truly one of the rider’s who lobbied to return to his profession, far ahead of many other of his own combatants. KTM had put the entirety of their force into helping their North Carolina product transcend into a duplicate Supercross champion; and most definitely aspired, to bridge the point’s gap during this initial round of Utah racing action. Throughout the day, Webb remained imminent, in regard to chasing the pole position on the leaderboard. The hunger of the long-time standout was absolutely radiant, pouring into every lap throughout the rigorous qualification process. And as a result, he would head into the heat race circuit, with a full-tank of steam, ready to unleash on the field. Immediately, he would reside just behind Eli Tomac; attempting to mirror the red-plate holder with all of his regard. Numerous moves would be enacted; yet Webb, just couldn’t seem to corral the proper notion to attain the desired level from the Colorado staple. However, rather than be discouraged, Webb looked for redemption in that of the main event. Following a sixth place start, Cooper would quickly escalate his standing to a substantial fourth by lap five. Holding tight within the pocket of Ken Roczen, a move would be made with an everlasting stick; now looking to infiltrate the likes, of Justin Brayton. Although the savvy veteran was stingy in his pursuit of the podium, Webb would find a way around both he and Blake Baggett as well. He had stellar lines around this circuit that were beyond, “dry;” and had to use his roots of amateur racing, to rekindle some of the days of slick-track racing. Knowing that Eli Tomac was just ahead, you could visibly see him lunge forward; but it was to no avail. Webb had just a few circuits to go, yet rather than lull in a period of stagnation, he continued to charge. The fellow members of his team were rather enthused, showing their appreciation with a myriad of claps and screams from behind the paddock. Finishing second at the conclusion of it all, Webb understood that he had a rather long period to close. But as we all know, he’s never one to quit; and will most certainly relish, in the upcoming rounds of Utah.