Colby LeVan

Colby LeVan

What’s your name?

Colby LeVan

Where are you from?

Bellefontaine, Ohio

Who is(are) your rider(s)?

Bensyn LeVan

How long have you been a moto dad?

Going on two years

Were you into motorcycles before becoming a moto dad?


Describe a typical race weekend for you.

We don't have a typical weekend lol, it’s usually wait until the last minute to do anything and rush, rush, rush.

What’s your family’s favorite meal to have at the track?

Taco bars!

Do you have any pre-race rituals or superstitions while spectating?

Fist bump and kick a$$!

Most nerve-wracking moment watching your kid(s) race/ride?

Most nerve-wacking moment was when he got his first podium at Spring A Ding Ding. He put in so much work all winter and the race was so close but he pulled it off!

Favorite part about spending time at the track?

Being with the family, getting to race, and hanging with all our friends. A bad day of racing is still better than a good day at work. 

Favorite and least favorite part about traveling to the races?

Least favorite = traffic and construction! Favorite = gas station food and roller dogs.

Craziest travel story?

When we got stuck in construction, my wife got in the toy hauler for something and we started moving. We locked her in there for about an hour of traveling, ha! 

Most important lesson motocross teaches at a young age?

I think discipline is one of the most important that it teaches you.

Biggest sacrifice you’ve had to make for amateur motocross?

Mom gave up drag racing for this life and we won’t ever look back. Some of the best memories we have made with our kid has been at the motocross track.

Proudest moment of your career as a moto dad thus far?

Proudest moment is going to Spring A Ding Ding, podium finishes in two out three classes, being a kid that still goes to public school and can hang with the fastest kids out there.

What’s your favorite track?

Favorite track is definitely Baja Acres. The facility is awesome and we love the sand!

Who is your favorite pro racer (past or present)?

Jett Lawrence.

What is your favorite type of music?

Gangster rap.

What hobbies do you have away from motorcycles?

Drinking beer and drag racing.

What is your beverage of choice?

Michelob Ultra Gold.

Any advice for the moto dads of the future?

My advice for future moto dads...don't yell and scream at your kids, It really doesn't help, TRUST me I’ve done it and he rode way worse. Let them have fun and encourage them even on the bad days because let’s face it, no ones perfect and they are just kids.

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