23 years old
Hometown is Beaufort, Missouri
Currently living in Groveland, Florida
Mechanic for Jack Chambers

What kickstarted your interest in motorcycles?

My dad brought home me a PW50 the day I turned 3 years old and ever since that day I guess you can say I was hooked! I rode my PW50 without training wheels before I could even ride a bicycle without training wheels.

Do you have any experience racing dirt bikes?

My first race was when I was 4 years old and I raced in till I was about 18. Me and my dad would always try to go to every race we could make it to and sometimes it just wasn’t in the budget, but man we had a lot of fun and made some great friends and memories that will last a lifetime.

What made you want to pursue a job as a mechanic?

I always knew as a kid if I couldn’t make it pro that I wanted to be around the sport somehow, someway...whether that was building tracks or working on bikes.

What is a typical day at the track like for you?

I usually get to the track around 9 am, get all set up for the day and we start riding at 10 am and do about three motos, some days it’s different. There are the everyday things that are the same for me like bolt checking the bike, doing lap times, washing, and prepping for the next day so we can do it all over again. Love it!

Most rewarding experience you’ve had while working as a mechanic?

I would have to say winning Loretta’s in 2017 with Tanner Basso. We always had the most fun we could have, we worked our butts off 24/7 and we accomplished a lot together. That was my first year at Loretta’s as a mechanic and my first title as a mechanic so it was a pretty cool experience!

Most challenging experience you’ve had while working as a mechanic?

Canada 🇨🇦 I did the Canadian Pro Motocross series up there as Josh Osby’s mechanic and man did we have some bad luck. I think I did two races that year and didn’t have something happen with motors or just stuff I’ve never seen before but it definitely taught me how to keep my head up and keep grinding my way through and Kosh always gave it 110% no matter what. There were sometimes I was swapping three motors a day and this man would go and ride the bike like nothing happened! Good times with the ClubMX team!

What other sports are you into besides motocross?

Water sports definitely. I love riding stand up jet skis, wake surfing, wakeboarding and really anything on the water. You can have so much fun on the water!

Best road trip story?

Man, there are a lot of good road trips that I’ve been on but probably the funniest one is when me and Sam Wise were in Cali riding the hills and desert. It was raining and we were on the way to the place to meet everyone and he got a different location pin than me and we were arguing that his was the right one so we followed his GPS pin and long story short it wasn’t the right one. We went probably five miles into the muddy dessert and we almost hit a telephone pole and get the van stuck while only having half a tank of gas. By the time we get unstuck, we have a quarter tank and we’re in BFE! We didn’t even ride that day, we just left and went and washed the van (laughs). Who would think you ould get stuck in the desert!?

Favorite race of the year?

I’d probably have to say Loretta’s because it’s the place where you see your hard work pay off even as a mechanic!

Favorite professional racer from the past or present?

Justin Brayton: he’s just an all-around good dude, spent some time with him at ClubMX when I was there and he’s definitely someone I look up to. If it wasn’t for his mechanic, Brent Duffe, I wouldn’t be the mechanic I am today.

What’s your best advice for a new mechanic just starting out?

Don’t do it for the money, if you love it then do it ‘cause nothing beats doing what you love every day!

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Image:  David Lando