Brandon Girard


What’s your name?

Brandon Girard

Where are you from?

Waxahachie, TX

Who is(are) your rider(s)?

Reid Girard "Speedy Reidy"

How long have you been a moto dad?

Couple of years.

Were you into motorcycles before becoming a moto dad?

Yes, I used to ride and race

Describe a typical race weekend for you.

Bringing home our travel trailer, getting bikes ready, and getting the truck ready for the weekend. When we get to the races its always fun seeing friends and hanging out. When its time to race then we get a little more serious. For a young rider sometimes its hard for them to stay focused so we make sure he remembers the track and give him some tips before the gate drop.

What’s your family’s favorite meal to have at the track?

I like checking out the food trucks.

Do you have any pre-race rituals or superstitions while spectating?

Before every moto while we are at the gate, I remind Reid how much I love him and tell him how proud I am. I give him fist bumps and a slap on the helmet. And of course, I always say a prayer to keep him safe and strong. Oh and sometimes I tickle him just to loosen up his nerves lol.

Most nerve-wracking moment watching your kid(s) race/ride?

The start. I feel nauseous and very nervous and excited.

Favorite part about spending time at the track?

Spending time with friends and watching the kids play. Some friends live far away and the only time we see them is at the races. Its great meeting new people while traveling. 

Favorite and least favorite part about traveling to the races?

We love taking the road trips, but at the same time it can be difficult with a 2-year-old and a 6-year-old.

Craziest travel story?

Somehow a metal bar got knocked way up in the air while going down the highway. I watched it in the air and it came down and smashed my windshield. We were lucky it didn't bust through.

Most important lesson motocross teaches at a young age?

Motocross is a tough sport, both mentally and physically. You have to learn so much with body and bike control and have to race in all weather conditions. It doesn’t matter if its 30 degrees or 100 degrees or if its rain or shine. They get out there and push their limits. At a young age, it teaches them that you have to work extremely hard to get what you want. Moto kids are tough. I've seen kids take hard crashes and finish in tears and pain. It teaches them to never give up and you have to fight to the end.

Biggest sacrifice you’ve had to make for amateur motocross?

I wouldn't say we have had to sacrifice anything. We get to spend so much time as a family and with friends. We get to spend a lot of time outside and watch our son do what he loves.

Proudest moment of your career as a moto dad thus far?

It’s hard to choose my proudest moment. When he won his first race I was very proud. At the Texas State Championship, he got on the podium and that was a cool moment. As long as he does his best I am proud.

What’s your favorite track?

I don’t have just one. Village Creek night track, River Valley, and Underground.

Who is your favorite pro racer (past or present)?

James Stewart is my all-time favorite. Currently racing now Ken Roczen.

What is your favorite type of music?

I like a little bit of everything. Alternative would be what I listen to the most but I do like a mix of country, rap, and pop

What hobbies do you have away from motorcycles?

When not racing or riding I like to chill at home. Relax and maybe play some video games, between work and racing its hard to just lay back.

What is your beverage of choice?

Energy drink.

Any advice for the moto dads of the future?

Be encouraging. Be patient. Be loving. Trust me, I know it’s easy to get frustrated and lose your cool. They have their good days and bad days, but keep it fun and keep their confidence up. Keep them wanting more and they will improve. They are just little kids still learning. What seems small to us looks completely different in their eyes.