Andy Andersen

Andy Andersen

What’s your name?

Andy Andersen

Where are you from?

Sutton, Alaska

Who is(are) your rider(s)?

I have two riders Chase Andersen (11 years old) and Cruz Andersen (6 years old).

How long have you been a moto dad?

11 years as a dad, 18 years sponsoring youth riders.

Were you into motorcycles before becoming a moto dad?

Yes, We grew up racing in Alaska throughout the state in local and state championship series.

Describe a typical race weekend for you.

Race weekends are my favorite place to be. Quality family time, studying the tracks and conditions with my son via GoPro, Facebook live videos and watching fast kids on the track. We drive a sprinter van with a race trailer that we store in Oklahoma. Depending on the race weekend we fly from Alaska with as much time as we can to train before a national. Camping in the sprinter and race trailer that we have built just for racing -- insulated, wired, AC, heater, TVs, Xbox, fridge, microwave, shower, and septic all built into a trailer we built makes for some great camping. We love the Motoplayground races due to the mini-games. I am a four-time World National Pit Bike Champion in the Dad’s class -- winning at Camp Boom Diggity, Mini O's twice, and Ponca once! 

What’s your family’s favorite meal to have at the track?

Our favorite meal is steak shrimp potatoes if we are cooking ourselves. If not, I would say one of our favorite vendors is the steaks on a stick at JS7!

Do you have any pre-race rituals or superstitions while spectating?

I feel it is my job to take the pressure off my kids, to remind them it’s about fun and I’m proud of them. But right before my kid’s gate drop, I hug them and tell them they are the baddest rider on the planet and nobody can touch them.

Most nerve-wracking moment watching your kid(s) race/ride?

At Mini O's, my son won a title in supercross and when he got the holeshot I was a nervous wreck for the entire moto as he held on for the win. Three corners before the finish a lapped rider got in the way and pushed Chase wide allowing the second place to be even with him going into the next jump. Chase and the second place rider collided in the air right before the finish with my boy keeping the lead and taking the title. It was by far the most nervous I have been as he deserved the W and almost didn’t get it!!!

Favorite part about spending time at the track?

The quality family time and also being around people that have the same passion as us.

Favorite and least favorite part about traveling to the races? 

The least favorite part is the time it takes, traveling from Alaska we have 15 hours of flight before we even get to the race trailer in Oklahoma, then we drive to wherever the race is from Florida, Tennessee, Ponca City, Texas, California! The time wasted and lethargies from traveling is hard. The time difference is hard to get the rest needed we have to train to go to sleep earlier in Alaska prior to leaving for events.

Craziest travel story?

We blew a motor in our motorhome, it was still running but was boiling smoke into the cab. I taped plastic bags so the front of the cab was isolated from the back so no fumes would go to the kids then I built a plastic raceway for smoke entering the cab to go out the window. It was a smoky, nasty 4 more hours to the mechanic shop!!!

Most important lesson motocross teaches at a young age?

Dedication. That hard work pays off. That maintenance is worth it. That in order for you to succeed everyone around you has to want you to succeed so be kind, humble and have a ton of fun!

Biggest sacrifice you’ve had to make for amateur motocross?

Being from Alaska we are always fundraising to make trips happen for the boys. We have come home from national motocross races eating top ramen and late on bills all with smiles as we had a blast as a family. It’s worth it.

Proudest moment of your career as a moto dad thus far?

Winning Mini Os not only due to the win but the dedication my son had to training prior to the win. Being from Alaska, he doesn’t get to ride year-round. After a couple of weeks of training with Robbie Smith, I had to come back to Alaska to work, Chase didn’t want to stop training so he begged me to stay in the race trailer and to continue to train. Robbie and Chase both assured me and his mom it was all going to be okay and they would take him to the airport anytime he wanted. At 9 years old he lived by himself doing his own air filters, laundry, and most of his bike maintenance for two months. When I flew back down, Chase had finally got his pencil sharp enough to win a national. We really appreciate Robbie Smith and Trey Roberts for their efforts in making Chase feel comfortable enough to stay and train by himself that long.

What’s your favorite track?

Our favorite track is probably Gatorback or Ponca, both separate the skills and allow a rider’s skillset to really be put to the test.

Who is your favorite pro racer (past or present)?

Both my kids love Ken Roczen. My son in the (7-8) 50 class had to take a helicopter ride after he dislocated his arm and broke his pelvis.  When Ken came back from his injury, it gave my son strength knowing he could too. My favorite rider has to be Travis Pastrana, I love his personality and feel he is one of the greatest advocates the sport has ever seen. Always positive and humble. He autographed a backpack and sent it to my son when he was 3 and it still hangs on his wall at 11 years old!

What is your favorite type of music?

Rock, Country, older 🙂

What hobbies do you have away from motorcycles?

Being from Alaska we do a lot of hunting, fishing, wheeling to remote locations, camping in the mountains, and bush flying Alaska remote.

What is your beverage of choice?

Coors, Crown Royal, Red Bull, and Gatorade!!

Any advice for the moto dads of the future?

Live in the moment, take the pressure off your kids. If you want them to be good do it right by positively enforcing them, put them in a situation they can make gains in. Don’t have unrealistic expectations and don’t let your kids have high goals but don’t make the race scene negative if you don’t accomplish them. Build from them, learn from them, but most of all enjoy the time as it flies by so fast!