The 2019 Daytona RCSX served as the setting for a tremendous start to the season last year for Jonathan Getz, putting himself at the very top of the 65cc (7-9) class at the famous speedway. The Florida native performed well in his home state to kick off the season, but he was immediately faced with some adversity in the form of a slight injury at the very next race. He took a little bit of time off and returned to action at the Nashville Supercross Futures where he bagged a 3rd place overall, steadily building momentum for the latter half of the season. Getz proved he had the speed to run at the front with a moto win and multiple podium finishes at the Baja Brawl, thriving in the rough and sandy conditions on his YZ65. The young Floridian got right back to business at The Motoplayground Race at Ponca City with a few more solid finishes and a 3rd place result in one of his motos, persistently bettering himself in anticipation for the 2020 season. Getz came out of the gate firing again this season with another podium finish at the Daytona RCSX coupled with a handful of top-five results at Spring A Ding Ding, establishing himself as one of the front runners this year. We got on the phone with Jonathan to chat about what he’s been doing lately during the pandemic, where he’s been riding, and what his plans are for Loretta’s this season.



What have you been up to lately during the lockdown?

I've been riding my dirtbike whenever I can and riding scooters.

Did you take some time off your bike when racing got postponed?

No, I kept riding. I slowed down a little bit, but I kept riding.

Where have you been able to ride lately?

I ride at GPF and Sunshine MX, they're both close to my house.

How'd Loretta Lynn's go for you last year?

It was pretty good, but I got a couple of bad starts so I had to work my way through the pack. I got 3rd place in one of my last motos, everyone fell so I just kept my pace up.

You did really well at Baja with a few overall podiums and a moto win. How was your weekend in Michigan?

It was pretty good, it's one of my favorite tracks. I just had good starts there and kept a good pace. When I won the moto, I was battling with Landon Gibson and I made a couple of mistakes but I caught back up and passed him.


What do you like about the track?

I like the jumps, the sand, and the corners.

You've started racing the (7-11) class more at the end of last season and the beginning of this season, how's it been competing against some of the older kids?

It's kind of challenging, but I feel like I've gotten faster since I've been racing with them and I've learned a lot.

This year you got a 3rd place overall at Daytona and had some solid results there. What was that race like from your perspective?

It was good. I got a couple of good starts, but the track was kind of supercrossy and I'm not really that good at supercross yet.


After that you moved onto Spring A Ding Ding, how'd things go for you in Texas?

I had a couple of good starts and a couple of bad ones, so I had to work my way through. I had a couple of good battles with (Kannon) Hargrove, Seth (Dennis), (Cole) Blecha, and (Caden) Dudney. I like the jumps there, some of the corners and the whoops there are pretty good.

What do you think about the Super Regionals they're doing for Loretta's this year?

I think they're gonna go pretty good. I'm excited to get back to racing!

What're your plans for Loretta's this year and heading into next season?

I'm doing both the (10-11) classes at Loretta's this year and next year I'm just going to do a lot of training and start riding my 85. I've been riding my 85 like once a week; I like how it's a little faster and I can hit more jumps on it.