Eidan Steinbrecher collected his fair share of number one plates and overall podiums over the course of the 2019 racing season, landing himself on the top step of the box at Spring A Ding Ding, the JS7 Freestone Spring Championship, and the FMF Cal Classic at the beginning of the year. Despite a pretty hard crash while training in Tennessee prior to Loretta Lynn’s, Steinbrecher still managed to put together a strong enough performance to clinch 3rd place overall in the 51cc (4-6) Limited class. He got back to the top step of the podium right away at The Motoplayground Race at Ponca City as he began to shift his attention to the 51cc Sr. classes, mixing it up in the top ten against some of the older competition. The Californian closed out the year on a high note with a pair of titles at the AZ Open and brought that same form into the 2020 racing season with a plethora of podium finishes at the Supercross Futures. The Team Dunlop Elite rider had a small injury setback before the 2020 Spring A Ding Ding, but he’s put that in the rearview mirror and he’s hard at work down at Moto X Compound getting ready for Loretta’s. We got on a call with Eidan and his dad Eric after a long day of riding and training in Georgia to chat about what he’s been doing during the lockdown, his 2019 racing season, and practicing on the 65.



What have you been doing recently during this whole pandemic?

I've been riding and practicing my corners and practicing gassing it through the corners.

Where have you been riding at?

I'm in Georgia at Matt Walker's (Moto X Compound). We came here about four weeks ago.

What do you like about training down there?

I like how rough it is.

What have you been focusing on the most lately with your riding?

Smooth throttle through the corners.

You've been doing some training lately on the 65, what do you like about riding the bigger bike?

I like shifting. It was pretty hard to learn, but I like it now.

You had a collarbone injury at the beginning of the season and didn't race Spring A Ding Ding. How long did you take off the bike when racing was postponed?

Yeah, maybe like three weeks.

What was it like trying to ride on that rough of a track with your collarbone still healing?

Yeah, sometimes it would stink but I felt good!


What'd you do during that downtime to keep yourself entertained?

I rode my scooter and worked out.

How'd Loretta's go for you last season? You ended up with an overall podium in the 51cc (4-6) Limited class.

Eidan: I think I did pretty good, so yeah.

Eric: We went out to a private track out in Nashville somewhere and Eidan had a pretty bad get-off. I think it affected him a little bit mentally, he was telling me after the race was over that he was a little scared to get hurt. We thought he broke his femur; he was on the ground for like twenty minutes, but I think he just had a really deep thigh bruise. I think that took it out of him a little bit, he definitely wasn't the same as when he was at Spring A Ding and JS7 for sure. No excuses, but I think that's probably what was in his mind.

After that, you went to Ponca and swept both motos on your way to the title in the 51cc (4-6) Limited class. How'd your weekend go there?

The track was actually really rough, I liked the ruts and the big jumps. I got both holeshots and took the win.

You had a moto win and a couple of podiums last year at Mini Os and had some solid finishes there, but you also had a pretty hard crash on the outdoor track. How did things go down in Florida?

When I won my first moto in supercross, I tried to pass Jaydin (Smart) and he came down and hit my bike, and he fell. Then after that I jumped the triple and I won! On the outdoor track when I crashed, I jumped a jump and this kid landed on another kid and crashed. I landed on his bike and then tumbled so I hit my head super hard.

How'd the Supercross Futures go at the beginning of the season?

They went really good! I was top three in every one on the west coast.

What was that experience like?

It was exciting and I had fun learning how to charge.


At Spring A Ding Ding you didn't race, but you got to participate in your first Team D photoshoot and dinner. What's it like for you to be a part of the Team Dunlop Elite program this year?

That was awesome. It's an honor to be on Team Dunlop and Rob is my buddy and he's awesome!

What're your goals heading to Loretta's this year and what're your plans for next season?

Eidan: I want to finish in the top five.

Eric: It'll be the same thing. We're riding the 65 about one moto a day now, trying not to make the same mistakes last year that we did with the Sr. and just keepin' it fun. After Loretta's this year, we'll be on the 65 pretty hard to try and make a splash in that class as an 8-year-old.